Saturday, 11 October 2014


I saw this post on a friends page on Facebook and thought to share I find everything wrong with this photos not because I don't believe in the supernatural but because I strongly believe this woman the not land as a bird, you see  Nigeria are fond of blowing things out of proportion just for fun or for drama. My question is did anybody see her fall down from the sky? did anybody see her transform from a bird to a woman? hmmmm I didn't think so as for the people who claim they say the transformation do I believe them no hey buy feel free to believe the if you chose. anyway this is how my friend reports it. 

"There was commotion this afternoon, October 10, around Cappa bus stop, Oshodi area of Lagos as a bird reportedly turned into a woman.
According to the eyewitnesses who broke the news on twitter, the incident happened at about 1 pm when a bird which fell from a high tension wire landed on the ground and turned into a woman.
The woman who transformed after landing
Confessing to her crimes, the woman said she was on her way to see her child as her daughter in-law just gave birth.
She also allegedly confessed that she killed her husband.
It was gathered that she escaped being lynched by the mob that gathered due to the timely intervention of policemen.
Crowd taking pictures of the woman"


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