Wednesday, 1 October 2014


We might not all be rich, but we do have one thing in common with the rich that is dreams, vision and ambition yes we do the only difference is that they pursue their dreams and we don't. It pains me when I see people mostly the ladies channel their energy in to parties, aso-ebi, fashion and gossip, why the guys spend their time partying, drinking and smoking themselves to stupor. I call that NFA (No future ambition) please that same energy can be channelled in to something useful and productive.  
The other day I was talking to a young lady about what she intends to do, all I Kept hearing is I for, I would have, I love, in my head I was like she is going round and round in circles with no clear definition of purpose then finally she ended with "I lack the wherewithal" Gbosa!!! I looked at her, she had on human hair expensive jewellery, phone, an expensive bag and a flashy car in my head I was like you gat to be freaking kidding me.

The truth is life is not easy for any of us but I believe with effort, will and determination we can do anything, don't wait for anybody to push or kick start you, do it yourself when people see your effort they will encourage you, list out every thing you want to achieve, do in life, and things you need to make it happen and take it a step at a time. I am not as educated as a lot of you, even  the grammar to take market myself na wahala but I don't let that stand in my way because I believe in myself and my abilities.
 I have a bucket list of everything I want to do in life cos I am somebody who believes in doing so many things until I find the one I love and stick to it, in my list their are some things that are so challenging that I ask myself Primmy is this possible do you have the money? Still I didn't let it discourage me. I am not saying don't enjoy the good things of life but prioritize, manage your time well it is very important. I have seen it all, I have started businesses that crumbled,  some I was successful some I wasn't, some I made some money, some I didn't, but the disappointments never deterred me, a lot of people still say Primmy make you rest for the hustle matter I smile but I am still pushing. 
Right now I am working on a project I never thought would be possible but with perseverance I am doing it, I gave up a lot of things to make sure my dreams are actualised, so it pains me when I see a lot of brothers and sister giving up or not doing anything, the most annoying part is that they give you some funny excuses that make you go ARE THEY FOR REAL? We have kids what example are we showing them are we teaching them being idle is okay? what legacy are we leaving for them? I had to go back to school to prove to my kids that if I can do it they can do it and thank God I came out with flying colours that was a motivation to them, I am not a rich woman but I am giving my kids the best that I have and can which is ENCOURAGEMENT, HOPE, FAITH, WILL AND DETERMINATION to do whatever they set their minds to do. I am their role model, motivator and inspiration because they see all the struggles, the failures, the tears,the anger, the success and the  YES I CAN.  Here are a few tips from me to put us on the right track it works for me, hopefully it will work for your

  • know your strength and weakness
  • Surround yourself with positive energy and people, it helps a lot.
  • Follow your heart
  • In all you do get have a mentor somebody that is doing or has done what you intend to do, trust me they have a wealth of experience that you can tap from
  • Believe in yourself, always say to yourself  YES I CAN
  • Never let anybody tell you YOU CAN'T
  • Do not glorify or magnify you weakness I used to do that a lot back in the days  it will only demoralise you and destroy yourself confidence
  • Pray for wisdom from above, backup your prayers with faith and action 
  • Plan and strategize 
  • Never give up, that it did not work today or now doesn't mean it will not work tomorrow or in the future
  • Never let money be your driving force, because if you do when you don't see money you become discouraged but let ANGER, FOCUS, DETERMINATION, WILL AND RESULT be your driving force with time you will see results and money will come flooding in
  • If your dream is to be educated and you don't have the money try and get a scholarship if you are not lucky to get one work and save some money to start off, remember education has no age restriction, and then work whilst in school pay your fees
  • If you have a vision or an Idea of what you want to do, make your inquiries, read, do some research instead of sitting at home and waiting for manner to fall from heaven trust me it doesn't. Every action you take a day is one step into actualizing your dreams.
  • If you are expecting people to just give you money to start off your business you are wasting your time, the money you spend on ase-ebi for people that are not related or close to you, parties, human hair expensive jewellery, not working and driving the most expensive car in town and buying the lasted Iphone 6, designers clothes so they can say or  tagged you a big girl or boy (In you head) will go a long way no matter how small in your business, maybe helping out with the necessary training or acquiring tools for the job, When people see your determination and seriousness they will support you in any way they can.
  • Be original, even if you are doing what everybody is doing look for ways to make yours stand out (think outside the box)
  • Running people's businesses down will do you and you dreams no good the time you are spending poke nosing in other people's business can be used to focus on starting your own after-all competition is good for business

Okay bye I have to go grab a bite he he he he he he he

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  1. Always very honest in your write up kudos