Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Oh mine this is the saddest day in Nigeria blogsphere Linda Ikeji’s blog has being taken down. I got to know yesterday from a friend’s blog Alabamauncut2 that Linda Ikeji was having an ongoing cyberwar with a certain guy known as Mr AyeDee on Twitter I went straight to Linda’s blog to know what was going on, I read a post Linda published explaining to her readers and fans that the guy was a cyber-squatter who was trying to bring her down and that they had bought up every domain name she could use to start a new blog and where bullying her into buying it off them I ignored the drama saying to myself this too will pass. Alas today I got the shocker of my life to find out Linda Ikeji’s blog has being pulled down by Google accusing her of Plagiarism(stealing other peoples works and passing it off as her own) which is a major offence internationally.

Why would this happen to Linda? She has worked so hard to get to where she is now I pray she bounces back to her feet as  soon as possible for those rejoicing over this sad development saying good for her because she flaunts her wealth according to them, do not write her off so soon she is coming back bigger and better she is a fighter as for Mr AyeDee God is watching. Anyways Linda posted on twitter that her readers can read her blog at God is with you Linda

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