Friday, 10 October 2014


In Nigeria, people take intellectual property for granted a lot. It's so bad that your neighbour knows a creative work belongs to you and yet uses it, looks you in the eye like "what can you do about it?"
Obviously I'm talking about Linda Ikeji here. Am i hating on her? NO! Am i commending her? NO! Am i rejoicing her free blog is taken down? NO!
My point is, hers should be a lesson for people from different works of life. A BIG example are ADVERT/CREATIVE AGENCIES, ARTISTS who feel they can use people's materials/brains, make money from it and feel like an almighty untouchable being. Nemesis is not a fool! It walks slowly but will certainly catch up!
Back to LINDA IKEJI, the bright side of this which i hope for her is that she'll learn to be more discreet in her earnings (have you ever seen Bill Gates making noise about His Rolls Royce Phantom?), be more professional in her blogging, accord credits and in fact buy images, video contents and etc from appropriate places like shutterstock and co. when/where necessary . 

Truth is every media be it online or offline will somehow use someone else's material BUT credits are so key. Just like I hammer it on my clients, ARTISTS in particular, don't use people's stuff and act all cool. It's only courteous to always mention the real owners of the materials anywhere those stuff are being used even if it is in the midst of 2 people. It's a disease we suffer in Nigeria and it will need vaccines like this where people wake up to slammed court cases and stringent measures to curb it. It's so dangerous than ebola, hiv and cancer as many have become jobless and broke because someone somewhere Is playing the BOSS DEVIL. Credits are also monetary, you cannot use people to achieve MEGA MONEY MAKING aims and simply tell them to be happy without some good tip! Come on! They are human like you, they deserve some credit for their effort! Even your gateman, washer man, cook, nanny etc deserve some good credit!
Thank God Linda IKEJI lives in Nigeria and she only suffered a closure of her blog. If she was resident somewhere like the UK, I see the tax man coming after her. Then charity, then intellectual property rights board, and then It becomes a MEGA problem of shutting it all down.
A word is enough for the wise, it might be Linda today and tomorrow might be me. (I doubt that though as I write original stuff and do original stuff) *No_Brags*. . . Whatever happened to the death of good articles. Blogs filled with gossips is now the way for a generation that's suffering a moral decadence...Even though i personally have no issue with that, it should at least have some courtesy. It's like going to the market, you'll always get the original and fake of a product. ...Guess what? Both have buyers.
And to see this as an attack would be myopic and subservient to ignorance. This is a WAKE UP CALL!
Honestly, if there's one blogger that needs to be taken down forever, it's not Linda Ikeji, it should be one other untamed, rude, silly and totally unprofessional blogger (her name starts with the name of one another actress) Linda was only a target as she had made money and has an unimaginable fame as as a blogger using a free medium. Let's be fair right there!
Finally, I know that you my dear Linda will come out bigger and a matter of fact, you should. You are super rich...Now become super smart, super savvy, super techie as you become even more informed. I do wish you ALL of the BEST as this could be be a STEPPING STONE in disguise too. WE MUST NEVER SEE LIFE THE WAY LIFE WANTS US TO SEE IT, WE MUST ENGAGE OUR INNER GOOGLES! Welcome to Reality! ‪#‎No_hatred_message‬ ‪#‎TRUTH‬ ‪#‎INTELLECT_IS_KEY‬ ‪#‎LOVE_YOU_LINDA‬

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