Monday, 10 December 2012


Music stars J martins and Goldie are said to be at loggerheads right now due to the incidence that took place before and during Goldie's "Give it to me" music video shoot which featured J Martins. According to sources Goldie booked Economy class for him which he turned down, but Goldie could not afford the business class he requested for. After much argument he accepted, but told Goldie to pick him up at the airport. Instead Goldie sent someone to pick him up at the airport and J Martins refused to go with the fellow scared he might be kidnapped. 

He finally did go with the fellow, but refused to check into the hotel Goldie already booked for him ,rather checked himself into a hotel ($700) .
Goldie and other members of her crew later went to J Martins' hotel to see him but he refused to see them saying he was tired, down and was not in the mood to see anyone .
The morning of the shoot, J Martins refused to come to set. He asked Goldie to pay for his hotel accommodation $3, 500 after spending 5nights. Goldie who did not plan to spend such amount of money after already booking a hotel for him could not afford it, but after much begging J Martins agreed to accept two nights refund which was $1400.That settled, J Martins didn't show up on set till 3pm that afternoon. When he got on set, he refused to perform in the video until they gave him the $1400. He then complained about the costumes, complained about basically everything, he was rude, he was talking on the phone.

The production crew got upset packed their stuff and left with the video not completed. J Martins then shot few scenes but not all. As expected Goldie is very angry at J Martins 'cause lots of money went down the drain.
I don’t think we’ve heard the end of this story.

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