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Young Precious, who is just in her early 21, has continued to work around her dream of becoming a super model that will ever come out of Nigeria. The young beauty queen had told DailyPost that her dream was to be known globally. Precious had won several modeling competitions even as she never stopped halfway in almost all the Beauty contests she had been part of.
Speaking with DailyPost correspondent, the highly determined model disclosed that she had completely lost trust in men, as none appears to be sincere to women; hence, her major concern was to push her career up the ladder, leaving men to wonder at her super confidence.
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She said, “I’m confident, I know that. It’s only with extreme confidence that you can see your own nudity in public. I allow it because I want to sell myself to the world. This is me, and you cannot deny me of me. I’m not selling myself to men as some may want to believe, I’m selling my flexibly, my natural endowment and other things God has endowed in me to those who want to buy, so if my market is not for you, you just shut your mouth and see where Precious is ‘gonna’ be in the next five years”
Disclosing further, she said “Life has thought me to be bold. I have seen both the good and the bad, and if you think it’s easy to survive without the love of a father and a mother, even when they are still living, then you are just being insincere”

“I’m passionate about what I do because, it’s only with this continuous pursuit of my career that I am revitalized any time I’m consumed and lost in the world of anguish.”

At this age, I’m considerably successful, as I keep working for myself even when any man who wants to help you makes some silly demands from you. I’m not budged by any of such intimidation as they will quickly say “if you don’t give me this, I won’t give you that.”
Precious had narrated a sad story of how her parents parted ways when she was still a little girl. She had narrated how her step mother put her father under a spell, and leaving her father in a continuous state of memory loss that he can no longer recognize them. “My father sent my mum out of his house after a woman came into his life years ago. Her charm has turned my father’s love away from us, as he can no longer recognize us as his children, but that has not killed my dream. Each time I call my dad on the phone, to introduce myself; he would act so strange, with all hatred. He denies us every time. But I’m happy. I’m happy because I’m doing something that makes me happy.”
Precious is one of the most popular models in Abuja who has not failed to be part of great modeling event. She currently owns and manages a modeling company and will be contesting in the next edition of Miss Abuja, and Miss Middle Belt.

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