Friday, 21 December 2012


Merry Xmas everybody, how are we all preparing for the Christmas celebration as for me it’s been hectic thinking of what to outfit to get for the kids to what Santa will get them for Christmas  (he he he he he I am Santa) I am so looking forward to the party on Sunday yes ooh because I will be unveiling my new look, I will be unveiling my new look, kai!!! I am feeling like Beyonce right now ha ha ha ha ha ha ha “unveiling” I feel like a real superstar . Okay that is not why I am typing away this night I just want to let us know that I am introducing a new segment/category to this blog called SERIOUS MATTER where we will be discussing more serious issues that affect our everyday life. Looking forward to your positive contributions, I say positive because we are all learning ooooh . Once again happy Christmas and New Year in advance

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