Thursday, 13 December 2012


Oh gosh I am a year old today the 13th of December I bless God for his mercies over me, I spent my whole day reminiscing and reflecting on events from Jan to Dec, I must say it hasn’t being smooth sailing all the way, I went through a storm, I lost friends and loved ones I went in and out of hospital but I thank God for everything because they made me strong and more appreciative of God. I am not complaining but thanking God I did not lose everything. 2012 was a turbulent year for me, there are times I sit down and I ask, God why me? I couldn’t talk to anybody not because I didn’t have anybody to talk to but because I discovered late in life that trust is such a valuable thing and those I thought had it never did, so I decided to put my trust in God, and not to let people know much about me only what I want you to know. More after the cut

Throughout the year I met and made friends with people who are now like brothers and sisters, I don’t want to say their names but you know yourselves, thanks a lot for your friendship I appreciate and love you guys. I also met haters that I like to call Primrose wannabe (don’t even roll your eyes and say what is she feeling like because you don’t need to be rich to have haters/enemies) who spend their day hating and trying to bring me down, I am not angry or hate them because in life not everybody will like you, and people are entitled to their opinion like my pastor always say people will hate you when they know you carry what they don’t have.

I set goals for myself and I bless God I was able to fulfil most of them and moving the others to 2013. I learnt the power of positive affirmations trust me it works, I took a bold step and shaved off my hair Lol, I was coaxed into blogging by my friend and fellow blogger Vicky Robert who believed I had what it takes to be a blogger, and Julius Agwu for the name PODDESK, now I am a blogger ha ha ha ha.

I look at my kids and I thank God for them, for the joy and fulfilment they give me (even though they get on my nerves sometimes *winks*) I cherish the moment when Troy looks at me and say mummy you are hot enjoy your youth(confused, Youth?), the arguments I have with Yoma when it comes to dressing up and saying mum that colour of eye shadow is so not working with your skin (honestly she knows her onion when it comes to fashion) and Tevin calling Mummy Rose there is no milk, and him giving me his ATM card to take money out of it for fuel anytime I say I am broke ha ha ha, I look at my kids I start singing “I didn’t know you will bless me this way”. A big thanks to those who have patronised me one way or the other whether it cake or makeup  bless you guys may God replenish your pockets.
The most scary part of my year was been being in and out of hospital it was very worrisome and emotionally draining but I bless God for perfect healing I am hundred percent in good health now. Sitting in the hospital waiting area looking around me and seeing sick people made me realise that life is too short to be wasted on irrelevant things, I had an epiphany that age wise where we are going to is closer to where we are coming from, God gave us 70 years on earth deduct your age from 70 you will get my drift, 80,90,100,120 is added blessing so we must use our time on earth wisely so I told myself I am done with so many things 
I am done with unserious people 
I am done with fighting 
I am done with people who have nothing constructive to say or offer to me
I am done with time wasters 
I am done with haters
I am done with impossibility 
My list is of I am done are endless; I am done generally with negativity I am so looking forward to a wonderful and fulfilling 2013 in Jesus name I want to thank everybody who wished me a happy birthday may God bless you guys I pray that we shall all see 2013 in good health in Jesus name


  1. Happy birthday gal I wish you LLNP

  2. Happy birthday sisto...

  3. Happy Birthday dear!

  4. Happy birthday aunt primrosexx

  5. all the best primmy

  6. keeping it real as usual, that is what i like about you have a fun filled day happy birthday