Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Moi at the Ankara Canival Ireland
Oh my my my I am still laughing with memories of friday, I attended the 13th edition of the Miss Africa Ireland last Friday, I must confess, I wasn’t expecting to have fun but I did. We got there early but as usual with Nigerians they never turn up on time we were about 20 people in the hall honestly it was no fault of the organisers but Nigerians who have the habit of coming to event 3hrs or more later (frowning). The show couldn’t start at the time it was suppose to start (6:30) because you cannot start a show with an almost empty hall so the waiting game began, thank God for the Organisers who were gracious enough to provide finger food for everybody kai the food was nice, eventually people started trekking in as if it was their event. There and then I made up my mind never to go late to an event again (Holy Ghost take control).

Thank God for mercies the event proper began with the pretty young contestants came on stage to introduce themselves with excitement and hope written on their faces after which a comedian came on stage to do his thing, trust typical Primrose it wasn’t werking for me (in my Omotola Ekinde voice) I wasn’t moved but on a scale of 1 to 10 I will give him a 6 for effort and 7 for confidence (e try).  The contestant came out to tell us why and how they keep fit  they all did well but a particular contestant made me almost switch off, she said she danced to keep fit (no biggie) she started gyrating on stage hmmmm things that make you go hmmmm then gbam!!! A split what!!! (oh no she didn’t) and you honestly want to be a beauty queen? (In my Simon Cowell voice). Thank God I wasn’t a judge or voting believe me I would have being stingy with my marks.  For more click on read more

Mr Comedian came on stage to do his thing a second time whilst the contestant went back to change into their traditional attire, I went to help the contestants with their gele so didn’t see what went on but i guess everybody was fine and having fun.
The contestants filled in and were asked to tell us about their attire and where it originates from, they all spoke well, my friend the split contestant went on about how her dad met her mother why she was dressed in Iro and Buba bla bla bla with eyes rolling seductively (yawns nextttt) seriously I hope the judges saw everything wrong with that because in my opinion a potential queen should have charisma, comportment and finesse. All in all the contestant looked gorgeous and the best answer came from contestant no 7 who gave us a brief history of her country be for talking about her outfit.
The highlight of the day for me was a performance by a group introduced as Black Ice, and the organiser’s daughter who gave an impressive performance well done girly. Then it was time for the contestants to come out in their evening dresses I was looking forward to this segment (I love evening dresses even though I don’t normally wear them).  They all looked gorgeous apart from two contestants who mistook  party dresses for evening dresses. 
The question and answer segment was fun and impressive the contestant answered their questions very well I must say but one in particular was asked who the prime minister of Britain is (laughing in my dialect) her answer was JOHN LENON seriously? JOHN LENON (shuoo oghene biko o hor). It was fun waiting to hear the results, it was fun hear people screaming the names and numbers of their favourite contestant ha ha ha ha my friend even made placards for her daughter who was contesting and made us scream no 5 no 5 ha ha ha ha I had to scream at the top of my voice before dem leave me to trek home from city centre ha ha ha ha ha. Finally the results were called and pretty Edo state born Osuemhe Ughonoh beat other contestant to emerge the queen, well done judges.
Okay everybody knows I always have something to say it maybe nonsense to some people but remember in every nonsense there is always sense, I say this with love and sincerity people.
In my days as a beauty pageants contestant we were put in camp for a couple of days (2weeks) and were taught comportment, catwalk, chorography, manners/etiquettes name it and we were never seen except for the press who normally come around for interviews and stuff or when we go on excursions even on the day of the event we were not allowed out until it is time for the contest and guest get to see us on stage. At the Miss Africa Ireland the contestants were mingling with the guests I was confused and I couldn’t figure out why.  Another thing I noticed was the catwalk, it was as if they weren’t taught how to catwalk and pose on stage during rehearsals.  Finally there was no talent segment I believe it is very important for contestants to showcase their talent we want to see a queen with beauty brains and talents.

Best traditional outfit contestant no 5
Best personality contestant no 2
Contestant no 8 really elegant
Worst evening dresses contestant no 2 and 4
Contestant no 1 very eloquent/ most fluent 

 This is the second event organised by Tritees Promotion that I am attending, the first was the Ankara carnival it was interesting and I had mad fun. Would I attend another Tritees event?  A BIG YES!!!!!!!
See you next year guys, kudos Tritees(big smile)


  1. ha ha ha ha i have missed your primmy's corner i like the way you review event you take us on a journey it's like we are there thanks i hope to be there next year and its all because of you review

  2. thanks gurl for this, i don't attend events in dublin because they are all dull and below standard but reading your review helps us know which event to attend or not to attend after reading this i will definitely be there next year hope to see you there.more blessing

  3. looking good primrose