Saturday, 13 April 2013


This is the update so far concerning the disrupted wedding of Actor Solomon and mistress if you missed the gist that has been  trending the whole of today then click HERE according to blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus

Actor Solomon is rumoured to have appeased his estranged first wife but she obviously wasn't hearing it.
The bride that never was, is an ex banker with a lot of cash and her name is Uloma Frances Agwu.
She is presently in a shocked comatose state and concerned friends cannot reach her on her phones and blackberry,those who can pray she doesn't loose the pregnancy.
Guess what?Uloma and Solomon have already conducted a secret traditional wedding ceremony and today's church wedding was just to give the bride''the wedding of a lifetime as every lady getting married deserves''-----Well she got it!
Ulomas friends who wore aso-ebi for her today tried to make guests at the reception venue 'feel at home' and kept assuring them the bride would show up,they even prevented Papaz at the venue from snapping pics and wouldn't answer any questions.They made sure guests ate well,the DJ played songs,the MC did his part and all left but the beautiful and expensive looking black and white cake was left untouched as guests departed.
Kudos to the aso-ebi ladies.

Actor Emeka Enyiocha was supposed to be the best man at today's wedding that never was but he is busy shooting a movie in the east and could not make the about everything going wrong at this wedding.
Why was Lilian cussing out Director Lancelot Imaseun?Uloma is Lancelot's ex girlfriend so why was she cussing him out?

Culled from StellaDimokoKorkus

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