Thursday, 18 April 2013


Despite caution and threats by several elders, 38-year-old Prosper Dzakpasu has refused to desist from sleeping with her sister. According to reports, the Ghanian man has been bonking his biological sister for the past 12 years and it's not a secret among family members.

Their mother has tried her best to stop the abominable act but Prosper usually gives her more than she could handle despite her age, saying he loves his sister, Cynthia and nobody can stop him...

He is the oldest of five children she bore their father while Cynthia is the last sibling. Their grandfather, who also intervened in the matter, had his fare share of insults from Prosper.

The other three siblings of the “couple” are troubled by the sacrilegious relationship. Prosper is said to have started sleeping with the sister, Cynthia, who is currently 29 years old, when she was about 17.

The relationship, which started gradually, has now blossomed into a union, as the two are now living at an area in Ghana known as Dzodze Ablorme. He left home with Cynthia after family members kept pressing him to stop the act.

Nothing was heard of them until about a year ago when they returned to their town with their six-year-old daughter. According to Daily Guide, “Prosper has now developed a thick skin and seem not to respect or fear anybody anymore. He knows that whenever you meet him or call him it is about his distasteful act and so he will not come and when he comes he will not mind anybody.”

Some family elders are however attributed Precious' act to a spiritual attack.

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