Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I was talking to a friend recently and she asked me why I  don't wear  yellow dresses because according to her, bright colors compliment my light/fair skin, like we all know, yellow does not work well for everyone and every skin tone. I for one don’t really do yellow dress because it’s quite a tricky color to pull off,  but if  you are one of the lucky women who can pull it off  the look can be fabulous, but the question is how do you pair a color this strong, like I always say it is a very tricky color and there are rules guiding this color:  More after the cut

1. First you must look for the best shade of yellow for your skin
2. When wearing a yellow dress, choose makeup in the warm color family
3. It is always better and easier to wear it is as a one piece that doesn’t mean you can’t combine yellow with maybe a jeans or black skirt 
4. Wear Silver jewelery it goes well with yellow than gold jewellery
5. You should keep jewelery minimal when wearing yellow, the colour is loud enough
6. A yellow skirt will definitely go with a white top

Shoes that go with yellow outfit are 
One thing I like about yellow is that you can experiment with it colour-wise but please ladies do not overdo it like we all know in fashion less is more

Black: You could wear any black shoes with and style and colour of dress and it is  amazing with yellow.

Colour blocking: There is no better way to color block than pairing your yellow outfit with blue, purple, green, pink but try and keep your accessories neutral
Printed shoes: Some printed shoes may not go well with yellow but some are very perfect try and leopard print shoes they work well depending on the shade of yellow
I will be rocking a yellow dress the summer yippee!!!!!!!


  1. Woah i am like primmy i never wear yellow buy after read this i will sure try it out,keep up the good work

  2. I wore my yellow dress with red shoes d other day and m friends were so shocked to see dat u can realy play around with d color. Most pple are not sure of what to combine it with, so they just stay away from dat color. Well nice tips

  3. thanks primrose yellow is a colour i love but don't have the guts to put on but after reading these tip i will be trying it out