Monday, 15 April 2013


 I don't think this drama will end soon anyways my olofofo antenna is enjoying it let me not lie, according to blogger Linda Ikeji she spoke to Solomon Akiyesi's wife and this is what she has to say.

1. Uloma definitely knew Solomon was married to her. She said her first encounter with Uloma was back in 2010 when she called Solomon very late at night and she, Lilian, picked up the phone. She told Uloma that she's Solomon's wife and Uloma started crying. She said she even had to start consoling Uloma that night. After that phone conversation she didn't hear from Uloma again but later found out she continued her affair with her husband. She said she called Uloma and warned her over the phone...

2. She and Solomon were not having any marital problems. She said Solomon told her he was going to Lagos to work a few days before the Saturday wedding. She said she was the one who helped him pack his bags and he even kissed her goodbye at the door. She said she communicated with him a day before the wedding, Friday April 12th and he was all lovey dovey with her. She munched the messages and sent to me...will show you guys some...

Lilian also made something very clear. She said if she and Solomon had been having issues, she wouldn't have had the guts to do what she did at the venue. Solomon wouldn't have even had to do the whole thing secretly. Not one member of Solomon's family was at that wedding on Saturday. According to her, Solomon presented fake family members.

Meanwhile, did I tell you guys that I have videos from that Saturday event? My guy didn't just take photos, he took videos...all six of them. Some of the photos I uploaded on Saturday were screen shots from some videos...there you can hear what everyone was saying.
 See their BBM Chat below


  1. he is a stupid man please move on with you life

  2. I thought they said they don't have kids yet?

  3. How can u console a woman who started crying when u told her ur husband was married to u or that u are his wife. She probably felt u were cool with it that was why she thought she could join in