Thursday, 11 April 2013


This Mecry Aigbe girl should just let sleeping dogs lie biko,  she posted this photo of her alleged missing dress just because Stella said the dress she wore to the event where her husband was alleged to have disgraced her went missing,. See her tweets and that of Stella below. 
Stella's response
So d dress showed up today since sunday n u dey make mouth?stupidity beyond belief


  1. this Stella is strong sha, She no send.

  2. Stella is a big fool. Always sticking her nose into other pple's problem. Leave d lady alone. What's ur problem with her dress or what her hubby did to her. Dat is why a lot of pple want beat u Stella. Why u run go germany? U for stay Nig make they assisinate u one day. Foolish ugly bitch. Get a life. I don't know why pple take ur supid stories seriously. Becos they are all lies. IDIOT

    1. Anon 10:47, u are a bigger fool than the Stella u are abusing. I am not a fan of Stella, but i believe her story, and i have come to admire her for her display or rare courage. Mercy should hide her head in shame and shut up.

    2. abeg i believe stella's story this mercy girl is lying big time

  3. Well done Mercy! So it took u four days to fish out your dress. Too late, there is nothing u can do to convince us that u were not disgraced by your hubby. We heard that d door to d room in which u were locked up, in your attempt to 'bend down low' for Fajobi, had been fixed. And why hasnt your loquacious and fraud personified hubby, Lanre Gentry, hasnt come out to debunk d story? I was at d event and i saw what happened with my eyes. Please, stop disgracing yourself and crawl back to your Shrek-look alike hubby. Bloody slut. You think sleeping with media guys will save u in time of scandal? Sorry, not every journalist is stupid and morally loose. Omo ale.

  4. This mercy girl is stupid shaa she wants to contend with stella ha ha ha ha she will end up embarrassing you and you so called husband