Thursday, 1 November 2012


A Youthful pastor from Crusade of God Ministries in Bulawayo has been demoted after impregnating his wife's sister.

Pastor Given Banda allegedly bedded his wife's younger sister Yvonne Nare who was the leader of the youth group and church choir. He was handed over the demotion by the founding pastor, Apostle Canaan Chisi on Sunday last week during church service. For more click on read more

"He was stripped of his pastoral duties and effectively becomes an ordinary church member," Apostle Chisi said refusing to reveal why the 'man of God' was demoted.

Pastor Banda's wife, Reathabile Nare reportedly complained of her husband to the church authorities after discovering that her younger sister was three months pregnant with his seed.

"She discovered the pregnancy after interrogating her sister as to who was responsible for her pregnancy. Last year, he was accused of having an affair with a Lower Six student who was learning at a private collage in the city centre. Two other ladies who work as administrators at the church also complained that he sexually harassed them on separate occasions," a church member revealed.

"The matter was swept under carpet to protect the image of the church. He was strongly warned against the behaviour but it appears he did not heed toe warning," said church minister, Pastor Noble Nyika who heads Bellevue branch.

Crusade of God Ministries has five branches across Bulawayo and pastor Banda was head of all youth activities in the city. When contacted for comment, Pastor Banda CONFIRMED IMPREGNATING Yvonne, and BOASTFULLY said in his considered view, there was nothing wrong with what he did.

"It is true Yvonne is pregnant. As much as I am a Christian, I have my traditional values which I subscribe to. Muramu wangu uyu and I did what I could do with her. I don't regret because she does it better than my wife," bragged Pastor Banda.

He, however, denied sexually abusing other church girls saying some church members wanted to completely tarnish his name by spreading lies.

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  1. When you stories like this you never want to set foot in a church