Friday, 23 November 2012


A business man has reportedly raped and run over his ex-girlfriend a Uni student, severing her arm while trying to chase her.
Sources revealed that the girl who is currently at one of the local hospitals, had been having an affair with the married business man who owns a resort for the last 9 months, and recently decided to break things off with him, as she had met someone new.
He apparently was devastated but began pressuring her to take him back, which she declined to do, on the fateful day she met him at a private location in, and he began to try to talk her into taking him back and having sex with him, she refused and told him that it was over and tried to leave, it was then that he became violent and aggressive, seized the keys to the car which he had bought for her, and demanded all the money and gifts he had showered on her back.
When she could not give them back, he beat her and raped her violently several times saying “this is for all the money I spent on your ungrateful gold digging stupid ass”, now seriously fearing for her safety the girl took off on foot, even abandoning the car her he had given her while he was in the Bathroom. For more click on read more

The man returned to find her gone, then chased her down with his car, demanding that she get back in the car with him, and in the chase he ultimately ended up knocking her down with his car, sadly he ran over her arm with his car as he knocked her down and sadly young lady lost her arm in the accident, and has multiple injuries to her body, but is recovering in hospital.
The young girl who was the envy of her classmates, lived in a smart Townhouse, was a smart dresser, and had a nice set of wheels, jewellery, Ipad, Blackberry phone, etc all courtesy of guys she was dating when the going was good, but apparently had recently “upgraded” herself and was also secretly dating a much older Politician who she felt with the upcoming election would be in a very powerful spot come 2013, never mind the politician is married with grown up Children older than this girl.
However rumours are she was also dating several rich older men at the same time “There were always flashy cars parked outside her house at awkward hours of the day” a neighbour said, “We used to wonder who these people were, because nobody has that many older Uncles” he added “ we knew there was something going on, as most of the men who came to visit her were White men” he concluded “perhaps she used some JUJU to charm them? Cos it was like a car show here” he joked.
Friends have also been stunned, but some boys have said “She was a known gold digger like most girls in town who claim to be models, and should have given him back all the money she took from him” another said “When we tell these silly Uni girls to stick with us they say we are too small for them and we cannot afford them now look” and “this is not the first time they have met violent ends to relationships” another added. “They mainly go for any Older White guys who they see as rich, and think there is no consequence to their actions and Chop his money just like that” a Girl also said.

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  1. He is heartless he just disfiqured this girl for life he should rot in jail