Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Gloria Mba and husband 
Thelma Ozy Nwosu 
Story written by Stella Dimoko Korkus for Encomium Magazine. 

This is another classic movie from Nollywood but this time the story and characters are real life and the story has branches. Sit back and enjoy the premiere of the movie entitled "Husband snatching na crime?"
Here it goes: Thelma is a pretty make-up artiste in Nollywood and the ex-girl friend of comedian and on-air radio personality, Steve Onu a.k.a Yaw.
A year ago, there was buzz online and in Nollywood that Thelma was dating A-list actor, Segun Arinze and almost crashed his marriage to Schlumberger lawyer Julie. Insiders confirmed it took prayer and fasting to get Thelma off Segun's arms. This led to Yaw dumping Thelma. And as you read this, Yaw and Segun do not speak!
Thelma is in the news again and this time she has crashed the marriage of her best friend, actress Gloria Mba, whose Marriage was contracted to Houston-based, Leo Kanu on March 27, 2011. Gloria announced, via her facebook handle that her marriage had crashed.  For more click on read more

 Insiders informed us that Thelma and Leo, who have been having phone sex met in Berlin(Germany) and consummated the affair. The trip was all expenses covered by Leo, the smitten lover boy.
We contacted Gloria on sunday, Novembar 25, 2012 and after asking her questions she cuts the call after denying that her marriage has crashed. We called back and rephrased the questions and sighing deeply she opened up, "Yes my marriage is over and yes, Thelma is part of the reason it crashed."
We asked her what happened and what role Thelma played in the crash. "I read Thelma and Leo's mails to each other and Thelma didn't know I knew they are dating. I bumped into his inbox. We have our passwords and I just wanted to check, I never bothered to check all this while out of trust and but I just got curious and checked it and got a shocker."

We asked her to copy us the mail and if she confront Thelma when the marriage is already over and no, I cannot copy you the email. I just want to move on. My ex-husband's friend asked me to confront them but there's no need because it will change nothing. I took Thelma like my own sister and we were so close."

To be fair, we called Thelma and here's what went down, "Thelma, we heard you crashed your friend, Gloria Mba's marriage.
Her response, " Oh my goodness, this is not real (laughing) Is her marriage crashed? Has she called me? I know her husband and I was at their wedding. Oh my God."

Thelma, we heard you have been mailing Gloria's husband and having phone sex with him. Is this true?"
Thelma dropped the phone and we called back but she refused to pick the phone, despite the number of times we tried.


  1. What is going on in naija? Too many sex scandals these days! Hiss! Ladies, I hope u're all learning from all these? Do not trust ur best friend with ur husband!

  2. the wife is even prettier than the igbeke makeup artist