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You all remember jazzman Olofin of  “Raise The Roof” featuring Adewale Ayuba well I got in touch with him for an interview recently when I reminisced about my days in “WoodHouse” how the DJ used to blow the roof of with this track, (it bubbling e je ko ma bubble) all of a sudden “silence” what happen to him? To find our click on read more

Q.  May we meet you?
Jazzman: I am Olumuyiwa Olofinkuade aka Jazzman Olofin, (people also call me Mr Funky).

Q.  When and how did you come into music?
Jazzman: I got into music because I love music right from the start as a little boy growing up, I listened to lots of musical stuffs. 

Q. What kind of music did you listen to as a child growing up?
Jazzmann: I listened to all kinds of music from King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass, Fela, Dionne Warwick, Smokey Robinson, Lionel Richie, Fatai Rollin Dollar, Barry White and a whole lot more.

Q.  Is your family musical?
Jazzman: Yes, my family is kind of musical, my dad played guitar with a band as a young man, my siblings and I were members of a church choir.

Q. What made you realize you wanted to pursue music?
Jazzman: Choosing to go into music came to me quite naturally; the decision to be a musician was inborn, no long story.

Q.  How did you come about your stage name jazzman?
Jazzman: I got my nickname when I was a student in Unilag (University of Lagos), while doing musical activities.

Q.  How would you describe your kind of music?
Jazzman: It’s hard to describe my music, it has all sort of flavors like highlife, pop, fuji, rock, rap etc. But it has lovable rhythm. I guess u could describe it afrohiphop. But I've heard lots of people say my style simply stands out and very different from what they've heard out there.

Q. You have being silent lately what have you being up to?
Jazzman: I've been busy lately attending to other things of life; presently I am putting things in place so I can drop my next single as soon as possible.

9. Tell us about your new single and when should we be expecting it?
Jazzman: Presently am putting things in place so I can drop my next single as soon as possible

Q.  Could you tell us a bit about your normal daily routine and how do you de-stress after a rather busy day or week?
Jazzman: My daily routine is,  I take things easy, after a hard day's work I de-stress by chilling and having drinks with friends. I joke a lot. I also find joy in chilling with my family. Love them! I like answering funny philosophical questions my kids throw at me Lol.

Q.  What qualities do you like in people, and which traits put you off when dealing with people.
Jazzman: The qualities I like in people are simple and yet rarely seen: sincerity, humility, self-confidence, charisma... You don't get that a lot these days even from people who claim to appreciate those qualities. The mad hustle for fast cash and fast cars has turned angels into monsters, Lol

Q.  If you had the opportunity to wish, what would it be?
Jazzman: Well, if I had an opportunity to wish it'd prolly be for me to be a leader/ President. I wanna see my naija people living well and happy in their land of plenty. I'd love to curb corruption and use all the stolen money to provide most basic needs for Nigerians because poverty breeds monsters and criminals. Also education will be completely safe and free for all. My wish! Lol.

Q. Any advice for up and coming musicians and any last word for you fans?
Jazzman: My advice for up and coming artists is for them to be hard working, charismatic and humble. I want my fans out there to keep real, natural and funky!

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  1. Jazzy my man, been a while man! Good to know u're still in d industry. Can never forget those days of bubbling n shuffling to ur song.....*I go dey bubble till I r.I.p* .......... Oooooshe