Tuesday, 11 September 2012


This one pass witchcraft oh how can a mobile phone torment someone,a thief in Chipinge's Gaza E high-density suburb has been tormented by a mobile phone he stole that he took it back to its owner.
The thief only identified as TK is now regretting the day he stole a mobile phone from Constance Manzini, who is employed as a shopkeeper in the town.
Constance, admitted that the stolen phone belonged to her mother.
"My mother visited my workplace recently. As we were relaxing in the shop, TK arrived and we cracked jokes together. After a while, my mother left going to fetch water from a nearby borehole. She left behind her mobile phone.
"At that moment, a customer came with a $20 note, so I had to go to a nearby shop to look for change. I left TK standing at the entrance of the shop and when I returned, he had left. I entered the shop and discovered that the mobile phone was missing. I asked my mother whether she had taken her cellular phone, but she replied in the negative, that is when we realised that it was stolen," she said.  For more click on read more

Constance said her mother told her not to panic as the culprit would face the music.
"My mother told me not to panic. She instructed me to wash the pouch of the phone. She then took the water to a faith healer where it was used to fix the thief. After three days, we heard rumours that TK was losing his mind. I went to his lodgings the following morning and discovered that he was nervous and seemed to be confused. I then asked him whether he was the one who had stolen my mother's phone from the shop, but he took long to respond as he started sweating and shivering uncontrollably.
"He confessed that he was the one who stole the phone from the shop. He also confirmed that the cellular phone was tormenting him day and night as it sometimes shed tears. He also said the phone would at times change its housing colour from white to black.
TK was ordered to pay $20 and to buy another handset as part of his punishment. "The stolen phone has since reverted to its original white colour and my mother is now in our rural home area in Muzite," said Constance.
When approached for a comment, TK said he was just sick and tired of narrating the story again and again to people. He regretted what he did.

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  1. Good for him they should use the same jazz for naija politicians,bloody rouges