Tuesday, 11 September 2012


According to reports the seventy-one years old landlord had apparently met the woman when he went to collect his monthly rent and soon fell in love with her.  Sources say that the woman’s husband was always late in paying rent.

The landlord had come to the woman’s house to collect rent and instead decided to get paid in kind. This arrangement had been going on for several months until suspecting neighbors whispered to the husband.
He was then called when the landlord, who was now making a trip to his house every few days, arrived and the door was locked shut.
The man who had said he was going to work emerged from a neighbor’s house after a few minutes ad rushed to his house. A crowd of curious neighbors had gathered and the flimsy door was broken open, getting the two who were hurriedly trying to dress.  For more click on read more

Seeing a naked old man, most members of the crowd turned away as it is a taboo in Kenya to see anybody older than you naked. The man took the chance and walked away from the scene.
The embarrassed wife was left covered in a sheet as the husband pleaded with the irate members of the public to let him take care of his wife privately.
After the news was reported on a local newspaper, the landlord  who had completely stopped coming to the man's house, was asked for a comment.
He chided reporters for invading one's privacy and told them that he had agreed to marry the woman as a third wife. “You did a story, go ahead and write that I have now officially married her,” he said.
He even revealed that he had met the man, and the two had agreed on an appropriate bride price. “Her husband had paid bride price to the girl’s parents, and since I am marrying his wife, he deserves to be paid a bride price so that he can get a new wife” said the elderly landlord. 

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