Thursday, 27 September 2012


ha ha ha ha this is interesting.  A 26-year-old Bulawayo's Richmond suburb man allegedly showed off his erect manhood to his father- and mother-in-law as a way of proving that he was a MAN, contrary to his wife's allegations that he was struggling in bed.

After performing a strip tease for his in-laws, the seemingly disrespectful man, Marllen Tapiwa allegedly went on to try out his sexual prowess on his friend's wife (name withheld) whom he also acused of being a proponent of the grapevine. The alleged incidents occurred last week.

It is reported that prior to the fateful day, his wife decided to was the two's dirty linen on the street. A source said the woman revealed her bedroom woes to anyone who cared to listen.

"She was shouting at the man acusing him of not being man enough. The moment was just embarrassing. She told everyone that Tapiwa has difficulties in getting  an erection and as such she was not getting sattisfied," said the source.  For more click on read more

Tapiwa reportedly ran away after the crowd started booing him. He allegedly proceeded to his in-laws on the following day. Upon arrival, he is said to have told his in-laws that his wife was giving him problems. Asked to reveal the nature of the problem, Tapiwa opened up. The man's in-laws reportedly told him that the nature of his ordeal was too sensitive for them and advised him to go back to his wife.

As he was about to leave, the son-in-law is said to have asked for the toilet. He returned minutes later, took out his 'extremely charged anaconda' and asked his mother-in-law together with his father-in-law if what they were seeing was a true reflection of their daughter's allegations.

The sight of her son-in-law's exposed 'weapon of sexual destruction' was too difficult to handle for the mother-in-law who ran away leaving her husband to deal with it. Tapiwa was then chucked out of the house. He is alleged to have proceeded to his friend's wife, where he is reported to have done the same before attempting to prove that his sexual banana can make things happen.

His attemts were folled by the woman who overpowered him, The woman together with the in-laws made a report to the police. Tapiwa was arrested and hauled before Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Richard Ramaboea facing a charge of public indecency and attempted rape. He was remanded in custody to 2 October.

Source: My Zimbabwe


  1. prim prim where you dey get this news and photos from

  2. na wa for this man JT but must he show it to the inlaw he should have just captured her and make love to her for like two day now stop

  3. the man must be GAY for sure. He is getting a solid erection, looks like just not with the wife.. Feel sorry for the wife and the in laws!!

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