Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hi people I am back after a long silence I was a little bit under the weather but thank God I am much better now. My week has been so eventful ha ha ha  I really don’t know why I am laughing this hard, I attend a course few weeks back on Personal Resource Management it was fun I learnt a lot about positivity and motivation (okay I know you are not interested so I will leave it for another day).  
I attended my friend Lillian’s daughter’s 8th birthday it was fun but yours truly was in bed throughout due to fever, later I summoned up enough courage to do some azonto dancing with my mini me for 20mins, all in all the party was fun even though I spent my whole time in bed.
I really don’t know am still laughing, I was hanging out with my friend Ese and she started talking about getting old and what we’ll be doing when we get old, a lady kindly invited us to join her knitting club so Ese went the first day she talked about how she enjoyed it and how we could knit when we are old and wrinkly.  For more click read more

I told her I already know how to knit but she said I should try it out not withstanding Lol and typical me always wanting to try new things I decided to join the club (what was I thinking) it was the most boring, funny and interesting gathering I have ever found myself in.  Boring because we were knitting away in silence initially, funny because of how serious everybody was, you guys needed to have seen their faces, interesting because  I was surrounded by let me not use the word old (it sounds too old fashion) I would rather say elderly women who when they decided to talk, knitted  drank tea and gossiped  at the same time, I just didn’t fit into their conversation, I had nothing to contribute, they kept talking about events that happen in the 60s and early 70 I am a 70s girl I know but they were busy blabbing away about things that happen before I was born or when I was still learning how to talk, what were they expecting me to say? Seriously it wasn’t funny at all.  I kept thinking about what motivated me to join the club according to my daughter maybe I joined  because I was going through mid life crises *coughs* I will never set my foot there again before I turn mama nnuku (old woman)before my time.
I am not a juice girl but my friend Folake told me about cranberry juice and its benefits, I am so willing to try it out, anything for good health. The highlight of my week was winning my election I was so happy you see I am a member of the ACN Ireland and we had our national elections recently I was one of the contestant, I contested for the position of National Organising Secretary and you guessed right *laughs* I won, big congratulation to me (Action Congress democracy for justice)