Wednesday, 3 February 2016


"My uncle and his wife are based in Ibadan, and we are based in lag. I was in my office yesterday morning when my boss received a call from my uncle's personal assistant that lowo has been rushed to the hospital. I immediately alerted my mum since my dad, lowo's elder brother is out of the country. My mum rushed down from her office to my office and went directly to Ibadan with my boss to see lowo's state. Of course he died less than 15 minutes he was rushed to the hospital. From what the landlord that took lowo to the hospital said, lowo and his wife had a little argument btw the hours of 10pm- 11pm over the issue of going for an official assignment in Germany and France in 2 days time with my boss and finance manager of my company. 

The tickets has already been purchased. The wife told the husband not to go and there was argument. She stabbed lowo on the shoulders and the neighbours intervened. Others are saying the fight started when the wife Yawande found out Lowo had a son outside the dispute was resolved amicably. Lowo even took some pictures to send to his business partners in Denmark. Lowo went to a near by hospital to get treated then went back home to sleep. She stabbed him while he was sleeping. Police claimed she's under arrest, but my mum saw her sitted at the reception unguarded. Police were just loitering the hospital environment, but no physical arrest was made. We want justice. She's a lawyer, yet she took the law into her hands. Her licence must be revoked. She must pay for her crimes. She would have divorced him instead of killing him if she was tired of the marriage. Plus this Feb will mark their 3rd year marriage anniversary. The couple do not have kids".
On their wedding day
After the first stab wounds

Source Helenozor blog

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