Thursday, 4 February 2016


It was on a faithful day, January 19th when she was lured into rendering assistance to her security guard who claimed to be preparing for his wedding. 
He asked her to help him plan his wedding, claiming to have N200k. While she had accepted to help, the guard asked that she followed him to the venue for the reception in order to sign a guarantor's form, in the event that in the course of the reception, something goes wrong with the facilities. And off they went to the nonexistent reception venue. 
Unknown to her, it was a trap. She was to be used as a people bait to force her husband to part with some money. She had been kidnapped! 

The wicked guard and his five man gang tortured her as she fought hard to resist being tied up. They so beat her that when she became weak, they got her tied up and called in an elderly untrained nurse to inject with some kind of anaesthesia. From the forced sleep, to a forced death.
Death so cheap! 
The assailants eventually took her to the hospital, hoping that she was not dead. But, truly, she was dead. 
Then the hospital management arrested the quack nurse and the guard. The rest is story.

She rose from abject poverty to wealth 
From the slums of Lagos to the high brow Gowon Estate in Lagos. 
Death so cruel. A husband, a mother, four  children and siblings awaiting her return. But she died while fasting. She died while showing kindness. 
Oh Death! why so cruel? 
Eby, Good night until we meet to part no more. 
May you find rest in the bosom of the Lord

May her soul rest in perfect peace

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