Tuesday, 16 February 2016


A facebook user Jaafar Jaafar narrated this story on facebook page about a young lady Monica knocked down and killed on the road in Abuja and bystanders ignored her and went about their business my question is who do we blame for the heartless character and disregard or love for human lives?  his story below

"That was also how Monica was hit by a car on the road to Gwarinpa just after the Life Camp roundabout here in Abuja, and her body left in the middle of the road with roadside traders going about their businesses and some cars actually driving over her body. When I drove up and saw the situation, I parked my car, stepped onto the road to halt the traffic and asked some of the people there to help me get the body off the road. 
"That was when everyone started rushing to help. We managed to get in touch with her family who live just across the road but had no clue what was happening a few metres away, and the Life Camp police station who sent two of their officers to accompany us to the hospital. "We took the body in my car to the Wuse General Hospital and that was where another drama ensued. "The mortuary attendant demanded we pay N25,000 to, according to him, buy chemicals to embalm the body, etc before he would accept the body. I told him and the doctor in charge point blank that we would not pay a kobo since the government had already provided for that in the hospital's budget! I raised so much hell in the hospital that night that they eventually had to cave in and accept the body just so peace could return! After that, we went back to the police station where I wrote a statement. "I was so disturbed that night that I couldn't sleep so I got the day's Sunday Trust newspaper to read. That was when I saw that my Oga, Tope Fasua's Global Connections column that day was on the menace of pedestrians being knocked down by motorists on Abuja roads. I sent him a text message narrating that night's incident. The next morning, I received a phone call from one of her brothers to inform me that they had retrieved the body from the morgue and were already on the way to their hometown of Zangon Kataf in Kaduna State for the funeral. "The following week, I stopped in Zaria on my way back to Abuja from Birnin Kebbi. As soon as I switched on my phone, text messages asking God to bless me, etc started coming in in torrents from numbers I didn't know. Not knowing what was happening, I bought a copy of the day's Sunday Trust only to discover that my Oga above had published my text message to him the previous week in his column of that week! "The point is when you see something wrong being done, try as much as possible to change it. Don't wait for someone else when you can do it yourself, because everyone else is waiting for someone else. And in the end, nothing gets done while everyone keeps complaining about how bad things are

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