Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I stopped listening to secular music about 3yrs ago now I am gospel addict but I  heard his song "WOJU" late last year at a friend's party and I was blown away love love his music emmm I have only heard one Woju anyways I love it I am still learning the dance step in 2016 God help me but seriously guys he is good and will go places and one person who seems to agree and acknowledge this fact is Emma Ogolee read his article below

I have not had the privilege of meeting this young man but I put him up here this morning to publicly protest the fallen standards by which Nigeria certifies a great music act. Mr Daniels has done nothing but bring substance with the force of a whirlwind. Try to dismember this act and tell me if you won't find these parts... 
1) Voice texture 
2) Voice control
3) Haunting melody 
4) Seasoned carriage
5) Rich production
6) Masterful writing
7) Mass appeal
8) Club and Street Banging power
9) Looks
10) Demographic barrier breaking 
11) Level headedness
12) Consistency (better known as "back to back")
13) Drama / Stain free image

Yet we sleep on him like we do not see the sore thump fashion with which his being sticks out in this follow follow music industry. 

The other day Linda Ikeji had to blog that she was obsessed with the song Rabba and what Kiss and Sugarboy had done to it. Read here
The next morning, the song was going to make iTunes break the bank. But we all acted like we didnt hear that song.  But why are we like this? Forming the very unfortunate habit of sleeping on talent and inventing the weirdest new yardsticks for musical greatness and acceptance. 

Well, me "I just dey laugh" in Obasanjo's voice cause I know "There is God o!" and na Him dey give talent so He will find away to bring what the boy deserves.
Let it be made clear, my protest is not a finger in the direction of the celebrated as undeserving of the fame but in the direction of the underrated as undeserving of the punishment 

While my camera is on standbye mode for the day i meet him, please if you know him kindly tell him to keep at what he is doing and keep his standards never lower as we are not going to KISS DANIEL goodbye anytime soon. That I was sure of when Tiwa and Davido couldn't swallow him in the remix of Woju

 * Now calling 2baba to tell him that my worry about who had what it took to collect the crown is sorted - Emma Ugolee

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