Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Saw this on Nairaland and thought I should share it with you all my podstars
I was filled with awe when I first came across the news of the death of Kogi State gubernatorial candidate Abubakar Audu who was initially announced the winner of the governorship election across various media outlets but surprisingly, the election was declared inconclusive by INEC with the plan of subsequent elections announced.

The cause of the death still remains sketchy as different stories have emanated as regard the cause of his death. Some sources say it was a cardiac arrest while others claim he was vomiting blood before his death which can be attributed to food poisoning or a spiritual attack as some other sources claimed.

But studying it carefully, there are some life lessons you can get from it. No matter who you’re, whether in luxury or penury, when it's time, no nobody can stop death, not even with all your wealth and charms and all you have to do is to fulfill your purpose in life which is helping humanity, build human capital and not to enrich yourself alone because there will a particular day when you will receive a glorious call and all you laboured for will not go with you.

So you can get all the wealth and power but never forget that there are children at the orphanages without parents and needs help and assistance. Render help because the more you render help to humanity, the more happy you will become.

So friend, stop thinking about yourself alone and how you can get all the money and fame all to yourself because death will surely come on and prove that it's all vanity. RIP to Audu Abubakar and I pray death doesn’t come for us at our point of breakthrough.

Source NairaIand 

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