Saturday, 28 November 2015


 A former Apple employee wrecked a SECOND house and may have left a trail of filth everywhere he stayed, it has emerged. Robert Kummer, 37, is said to have left a Dublin home covered in excrement, causing around £5,000 worth of damage.
Landlord Michael Mulligan told the Irish Mirror he had to remove two tonnes of rubbish after his mucky tenant left.
Kummer was jailed for a year on Thursday after wrecking a luxury apartment in Cork in similar circumstances.

Mr Mulligan said: “When I went to inspect the place I nearly passed out. I actually had to be held up. We could hardly get in the door as the rubbish was up to the counter. At first I was angry and that turned to despair as I’d spent €160,000 renovating the property, a one-bedroom cottage which was in great condition. At the time I couldn’t afford to hire someone to do it so it took me six months to clean up. I bet if it could be checked out I’d say this guy left a trail of dirt behind him everywhere he went.”

A court heard on Thursday how Kummer had thousands of bottles of urine and faeces around his apartment. He also smeared excrement on the walls, floors and ceilings of the Cork flat.

The 37-year-old German was caught after horrified neighbours called in gardai fearing the foul smell was a dead body.

Psychiatrist Dr John Dennehy said Kummer might have been depressed but was “at a loss to explain his behaviour”.

Mr Mulligan, who was born in Dublin but raised in Cavan, is also baffled as to why the tenant destroyed his house in the East Wall area of the capital.

He said Kummer appeared to be “very nice” when he let out the property to him in 2009. He stayed for 16 months. He came in with a set of golf clubs and I was very happy to get him. He seemed like a gentleman. He stayed in the newly-renovated house for a year and was the first tenant. He told me he was going to America, which is when I decided to check out the house and gave the statutory notice. I walked into the house, the rubbish was as high as the counter top. The bathroom was full of excrement. I went to gardai in Store Street and they said it was bordering on criminal damage but I never got my money back. In all it cost me around €9,000 when lost rent is included and to make it worse I was under pressure from the banks at the time.”
Mr Mulligan said he decided to come forward when he saw the court case about his ex-tenant in yesterday’s Irish Mirror.

Source Irish Mirror

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