Friday, 24 January 2014


Sorry guys had to take the photo down because the lady in the photo got in touch with me and pleaded with me to take the photo down saying she has learnt her lesson.

Normally I am not one to judge peoples dressing but I just had to say something about this photo when I saw she wore this trashy outfit to a one year birthday party, gosh what was she thinking? honestly about time we as women and adults dress maturely and appropriately to an occasion. This photo reminds me of a one year birthday party I attended years back with my kids somewhere in Lagos and a popular lady and socialite came to the party dressed as if she was going clubbing in a very skimpy micro mini skirt and a see through top, the celebrants dad was so disgusted and embarrassed that he had to walk her out of the party, I as a mother find this outfit offensive and annoying, is that her bra I see underneath the sheer part of her dress? hmmmm I know I have seen far worst dressing in Dublin  but for a kid's party this is a big no no. Thank God it wasn't my child's party I would have walked her out shekina.
I can not stress it enough learn to wear the right outfit for the right occassion. Wear what works for you body shape, I am no expert but please ladies put this factors into consideration when thinking of an outfit to buy or wear. 

Here are my style  tips
1. Trust yourself and your own judgement.
2. Know what suits you.
3. It is a crime in fashion to put all your jewellery on at the same time, choose the right accessories, I see a lot of ladies do this and I’m like what were you thinking, it is just tacky, remember in fashion less is more.
4. Ask yourself if you are picking an outfit because it’s in vogue or because it depicts your personality and suits you, if it’s because it’s in vogue then it is not for you.
5. Know the fabric that works for you, if you have bulges try and avoid silk and Lycra fabrics.
6. Mould you shape with fitted underwear, buy the right bra, same with your knickers, there is nothing worse than a defined panty line under a pair of jeans, pants ,dress or skirts. If you have cellulite try a body shaper
7. We are not perfect, we don’t know it all, don’t be afraid or shy to ask questions from people that know better than you, buy fashion magazines, visit fashion websites, and remember most of the best dressed people in the world were taught the art of fashion and putting their outfit together at one time or the other.
8. Style is all about confidence, be confident when you have an outfit on.
9. Do not worship fashion trends, just do you and be yourself.
10. Buy clothes that are timeless, you will be rocking it for a long time.
11. Experiments with colours and find the one that suits you.
12. Dress age appropriate I know age is just a number but believe me there are some dresses that are not meant for everyone.

13. Work with you body structure (shape) know what suits you and flatter you body shape don’t buy a dress that is a size 12 when you know you are a size 14,all in the name of fashion and curves.

For more of my style tips click HERE

Photo credit - Superadex


  1. Is that her boobs trying to jump out of her pink bra???????????????????????? Jesus!!!! someody pls call d guards!

  2. Primmy abeg teach them this is becoming a habit, I thank you for bringing it up. me and my friends say it all the time that you are one of the best dressed Nigerian women in Dublin, You show us less is more from ur makeup to ur shoe thank you for being such an inspiration as for this trash in the photo i an sure she doesnt have a mirror at home shame on her 1yr old b'day party shame

  3. Fasion na be dis

    1. Na cane dem for take pursue am go house for her mind she sexy

  4. fashion blind...not bn judgmental though

  5. hisssss very tacky when will some ladies learn how to dress and that dirty bra showing and she left her house like that doesn't she have friends terrible dressing, but do you blame her everybody wants to be sexy

  6. Dress horrible sequin fabric not for fat girls,polkadot bra dirty,figure shapeless,earring just there,jumper wrong, flower on hair just there aunt next time stand for mirror check yoursef be4 you comot house

  7. What was she thinking and I guess you are feeling cool with yourself aunty?

  8. Primmy name unable dey cos all this problem when demand see unable piture with mini dress an high shoe name down result be this. On a more serious note this wrong to wear to a child's party I blame the child's parents for allowing her into doing party in the first place

  9. ive seen this alot when attending parties dresses to short, see through tops with bras exposed, rings on every finger, clotges in general two sizes to small even when attending naming ceremonies in churches to be sexy but as a big women myself its not sexy to show ur catapilier rolls its more attatrive to dress according for your size, I understand these ladies want to feel sexy and get looks from men but these men dont be looking because ur sexy they are looking on in shock wondering why ur trying to dress like a twenty year old. thats my observation anyway