Monday, 13 January 2014


The duo of TFCLIQUE is made up of two friends , tomiwa Adegboye (Tommyteezy) and Obasanjo Olajubu (Sanjo), the Dublin based duo Just Released a new single and video  titled When She Calls Me "Badoo" Honestly I am not a dancer but this song moved me so much I had to get up and dance with my mini me  read their interview below
Que: Tell us about yourself and your background in music?

 Tommyteezy : My name is Tomiwa Adegboye, my stage name is Tommyteezy, am the SINGER  OF TFCLIQUE.  

 Sanjo : My name is Obasanjo Olajubu but my stage name is Sanjo, I am the rapper in TFCLIQUE.   I have been rapping for over 7 years, and I don’t see myself leaving it anytime soon.

Que: Are you guys in school?

Tommyteezy: Yes am currently in my final year for my honours degree in electronic engineering.

Sanjo: Yes am in my second year of creative multimedia.

Que: If yes how do you balance your schedule between studying and making music?

Tommyteezy : It’s not easy that’s one thing, but it is really fun, I enjoy every part of it, so it’s not stressful at all.

Sanjo: It’s not balance but oluwa is involve

Que: How would you describe your kind of music?

 Tommyteezy : My kind of music is what I will describe as fusion of different sounds. There is a bit of Rnb , raggea , afro and country  music.

Sanjo: My type of music is the collaboration of different sounds like, raggea, hiphop,soul, and afro. But in one word I would say feel good music.

Que: What is the origin of the stage name, by the way?

Tommyteezy : Lol Well the story is pretty short. I dance a lot, because dancing was what I started with. I’m just a guy that dances a lot back in high school days and still do. So my friends started calling me chris breezy, like because of my dancing. So I just thought it will be nice to have my own name like that. A lot of people call me tommy so I just kinda remixed it a bit lol and I came up with tommyteezy.

Sanjo: Formerly I was knows as M.G , name given to me by friends because of my physical appearance. But  I didn’t really feel comfortable with it because it didn’t really appeal to the type of music that I love to make, I wasn’t eager to change it because I believe the perfect name will come to me in time. As years past by I realised that the name sanjo, that  I have gotten so use to is actually a nickname given to me by people that couldn’t  pronounce my full name , and  because it’s something unusual and unique , That’s why it stuck so I took it and ran with it.

Que: Who are your role models in the Nigerian music industry?

Tommyteezy : There is a lot but , I will name a few. Am a huge fan of Wande coal, Banky w, 2face and paul play

Sanjo: I really respect and admire M.I and Wande Coal

Que: Who do you look forward to collaborating with?

Tommyteezy : That will be Wande coal like I just want to know how he makes all this banging songs

Sanjo: Lol who else other than the afro beat doctor himself Wande Coal

Que: What inspires you to make music?

Tommyteezy : Things that happen around me, and the energy that am feeling at that very moment

Sanjo: That will be my life and the strong desire to express some feelings that I wouldn’t show on a daily basis

Que: What is your perception of the afro- Irish music industry as it relates to your songs?

Tommyteezy : I think it’s growing, and it’s getting better.  The amount of support and love that we have been getting since the release of WHEN SHE CALLS ME BADDOO has been pretty incredible.

Sanjo: Hmm yee , its growing because we got some great talent in the country. It just takes the right motivation and the right team to take it to the next level.

Que: So what’s next for you? Anything new your fans should look forward to?

Tommyteezy : Oh yes , we dropping a E.P by the middle of this year, can’t really disclose the name of the E.P yet but what I can say is , the sound of the E.P is something worth getting  when it drops . The whole team is putting in a lot of work to make sure that it sounds great

Sanjo: About that, TFCLIQUE will be dropping an E.P towards the middle of the year, and I can assure u its nothing like what you have heard before, because it’s a reflection of our growth over the years. 

Que: What’s the reception of your music with fans been like?

Tommyteezy:  It’s been incredible, the love and support has been really awesome, and Thanks to all of our fans and TFCLIQUE will continue to give u guys our very best thank you.

Sanjo: It’s been a wonderful experience and I appreciate every single love that is been shown to us since the release of the single WHEN SHE CALLS ME BADDOO. TFCLIQUE will continue to give u guys our very best Thank you.

Que:. Any message for you fans?

Tommyteezy: I just want to say thank you will appreciate you guys without you there will be no us

Sanjo: To our fans I say much love thanks for the likes the shares and encouragements.We will continue to make you proud and give you good music


  1. This guys remind me of kid'n'play of those days,they are just unique and on another level i tip them to be the next big thing...badooo

  2. Well done guys I have been repeating it since I first watched d video kudos to u