Thursday, 12 December 2013


The Police in Imo State, recently,rounded up the brain behind the death of a 12-year-old girl, Ifunanya Favour Iberi who was declared wanted two months ago by arresting a 34-year-old man identified as Samuel Chukwunyere.The missing little Ifunanya was last seen by members of her family on Sunday, October 13, 2013, when she could not return to their house after her day’s routine activities .
In an interview with Crime Alert, the suspect confessed that he actually lured the innocent victim to his house and raped her to death.

“I forced her. I tried to use her through her private part but my own thing could not enter. I now turned her and she started shouting. I now held her well, well. I don’t want anybody to hear her voice. I now started using her through her anus. In the process of using her through the anus, she now shouted and I now held her back again, using her. In the process of using her, she now gave up. 
I now asked myself how will I manage to hide the corpse of this girl. I now rock my brain and rock my brain and the shovel that I have there cannot dig the ground. This ground sef na stone ground. I cannot dig it alone. I now searched around my place here and I saw that pit there (pointing to the location of the pit) and I now say let me come and put her inside that pit, so that the place will be enough to hide it. Nobody will know. I now rolled her with some cloths. After12 to one o’clockin the midnight, I now brought her to this place and now throw her inside the pit.”
The CP Kastina said
“His arrest and subsequent interrogation encouraged detectives to move to this place where this very horrendous spectacle was again discovered. It is a clear case of sunset at dawn. She may have gone but her soul is seriously crying for justice and this is what I will surely do,investigations also revealed that “this very suspect is a serial killer, serial rapist and is responsible for the missing and death of many of our young girls, not only in Imo State but in some parts of the country.  I am hoping that pathologists will equally ascertain the real cause of the death of the innocent girl.”

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