Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Sitting on my bed flipping through the channels on my television, lost in thoughts the sound of my phone brought me back to reality as I answered the phone a very subtle voice came on and said hello my name is Biola and am like okayyyyy am I speaking to Primrose? I said yes this is Primrose and that was how our exclusive interview started, the first thing that came out of her mouth was I NEVER WENT OUT WITH TAIWO JAMANI, I don't know what I have done to deserve this hatred and lies  flying all over the place about me why would they say I was his girlfriend and that he was killed because of me, Taiwo was a very nice guy, he was nice to everybody and to  me and my kids initially I never wanted to say anything I thought after the burial everything will die down and that Taiwo will rest in peace, but the lies persisted and they are getting worse,  I am human and it is beginning to weigh me down,  why would anybody want to tarnish my image. I just want to make it clear that I never went out with Taiwo of blessed memory he was like a brother to me, If you are new to all this please click HERE to know more about the incident that lead to Taiwo Jamani's death. Exclusive interview coming soon watch this space

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  1. Hmmmmm who do we believe now poddesk investigate well if its a lie then d person that started the rumour is wicked

    1. Eeya! Rumour has it that you were knacking Joda Akanbi and even went as far as harassing the onyinbo wife! Please clarify that gist abeg.

  2. Hmmm, life is misrable sometime and people living there are worst. Biola, I will advice you not to borther about what people are saying and never you allow it to bring you down.
    People will definately say sometin expecially the jobless one among them, if they are busy doing sometin good they will not have time for you.
    My point is move on with your life and enjoy urself, never you care about anyone becos life is too short to borther about what people are saying about you.
    Finally, May Taiwo Jamani soul rest in peace

  3. Biola,23/24 ni oro ile aye je
    Ti won ba so tiwa, e je ka so tiwon ki won ma rojo mo wa lese
    Ki wo so agbeje mowo.
    Enjoy your life ore mi, It just a pity we lost a lovely man.

  4. 23/24 loro ile aye je

  5. Ok o we 'haf' heard u ooo! What of your relationship with Mr Joda Akanbi? And the gist that you also harassed his wife on several occasions? Pls clear the air abeg.

  6. If you never went out with him or biz partner n as well dating him in the process.. why on her wud your killer boyfriend killed him?... We dont fucking care about what you have to say or wat the blogger believe.. we believe the masses and eye witnesses are there and we also hv ppl in dublin dat knows u n know Taiwo well...Hez not here to defend him self now at least you n your prisoner hv killed... Yall suffer dis... funny enuf... the day he died, u tramp, whore, lowdown dirty basterd still post picture on ur facebook... means you dont even care at all..

  7. I concur I saw the pics and I was totally least if not for anything but for loyalty's someone who died not a cat..even people mourn cat..
    I personally feel it was out of order..I am a realist and I stand for d inclined to the literal truth and pragmatism
    Anyone could ve been a victim of dis bizarre barbaric disdain act..but d fact still remains that u maintain yr loyalty n respect the dead...if not for anything but for one good thing he must have done for u while he was alive.
    I swear down I won't hide under anonymous to express what I feel..dis is me undiluted
    U know d truth ..only u do..d bone of contention is not dating him ...or shagging d two friends ..I dont care about dat B.S(bull shit)
    I was not a saint before I got married 10years ago..even though I never screwed two friends or buddies in same vicinity or company...
    But I suffice to say u alone will have to deal with jeopardy afraid babe.cos his death will everly be linked in conjunction with will have to deal with it with prayers not coming to social media ..
    I feel ur pains n I sympathize with u but d deed has been done a life has been wasted and another life is languishing in jail.lobatan!! Gbogbo finest girl,molato potato ,bad arse babe toh make sense toh break record,wey be say dem dey kill one another just for u to be dere one n only..very funny..I pray never to have such beauty or sex appeal will lead to sabotaging people lives..
    Please biola change ur paradigm and pray to God to to take such tag off u
    I have been on ur radar since the baseball attack and the death of taiwo trust me,practicing what I studied !lol
    But I can't blame u ..cos who has not sinned should cast a stone..
    Even though I feel bitter that my best buddy ever is 6ft down below..his wife,children ,twin brother ,mum n dad brothers n sisters ,friends are In a state of emotional turmoil ..
    I still plead with evryone to forgive n forget n lets move on..its a great lesson for us all from to learn..jealousy-decent life-anger management-prayers-forgiveness-love-transparency -loyalty and trust..
    If only joda has managed his anger?if only biola had been to prove to joda dat she n taiwo were just friends...if only taiwo had not step out of his house dat day,if only taiwo had never met biola let alone joda,if only Taiwo has stayed back in d united state for more days d night we spoke prior before going back to dublin,if only he has missed his flight,if only he had said am sorry joda I swear aint shagging ur woman,if he had pray dat prayer oluwa ma je rin arifesesi,oluwa ma je ku nikere....oluwa re olu danu Lori mi diligently maybe he will still be alive to witness 2014 n many more years..
    Ejire Sun re oo
    Please and please I implore everyone to please let's move on and temper justice with mercy..
    Letspeople please stop harrassing biola and stop dis Bull shit of digging unnecessary stories of fetching for d truth and rather uprooting more lies n lies..
    Lets Taiwo Jamani rest in peace..have known him for almost 18 years of my life and . Can Affirm to the fact that he was indeed a good man with a great sense of humour n a kind heart..
    We need to understand dat we all have fault cos we human being are not perfect only the omnipotent God is perfect..
    Once again who has not sinned before should cast a stone...
    Please let's all move on and work in alliance with GOD,Embrace FOrgiveness n work in conju

    Liase with peace,unity and love..oba adeda asheda,oba toh mo mi,toh yan mi ,to pe mi toh ran mi nise,dakun dabo re eku danu Lori mi ATi idile mi,dakun dabo mo be be
    Olu orun..
    May d peace of God and his protection never depart from u all..may u all continue to basked in the euphoria of GOD almighty.happy new year and biola I wish u all d best my heart prays for u...

    Muchas gracias
    "Greater is he dat is in you"
    Bola Beyioku Imaphe
    JoeBOl Exquisite.