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Three days ago I posted a story of a young lady Maryam Temitope Kazeem who was alleged to have stolen 60,000usd from a certain Alhaji Adam in Dubai if you missed the story click on HERE  anyways I spoke to  Miss Maryam and she told me exactly what transpired between herself and the said Alhaji Adam. Her interview below

1. May we know you?
My name is Maryam I am based here in Lagos

2. Tell us your relationship with Adam?
Alhaji Adam is my agent in Dubai that secures my visa whenever I want to travel to Dubai my mum has a shop here in Lagos she doesn't travel any more so I do the travelling for her.

3. Can you tell us how you got involved  in this 60,00usd saga?
First of all I want to make it clear that I did not steal any money not to talk of 60,000usd. Alhaji Adam is my agent who has a business here in Lagos one day he called me to help  him bring N70m (400,000usd) which I obliged him and I took the money to him in Dubai .

4. I want to be clear here Miriam are you saying you actually took $400,000 to Dubai for your travel agent, haven’t you heard of money laundering?
Yes I did take the money to him, honestly I have never heard or known about money laundering until he gave me another 300,00usd to bring  to Dubai for him the second time, I now showed the money  to somebody saying  this is the second time my agent is giving me such amount to bring to him that was when the person explained to me that I took a very big risk travelling with such an amount of money without declaring it and that the money was fake and that I should give him back his money to give to him family to bring to him, when I called him and told him I will and cannot bring the money to him he got angry saying he will deal with me. So l told him that he used me as a courier  the first time he cannot use me again that he took advantage of me because he knows I am not an experienced in these kind of thing.

5. How did you manage to take 400,000usd out of Nigerian without anybody stopping you did the immigration not check your luggage?
No I wasn't searched an immigration officer carried my bag and took my passport from me, you see if I was caught at the airport I would have been arrested and sent to jail for what I know nothing about 

6. Are you saying you did not go to his house in Dubai to drop money in his house in Dubai?
No I never went to his house neither did I take money to his house. 

7. Where you arrested at the  Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja Lagos?
No I wasn't arrested by anybody not even immigration or police as I am talking to you now I am at home, if I was caught at the airport won’t I be in police custody and even paraded by the police on television? If I had stolen his money will I travel down to Nigeria? I am not from a rich family to have bribed the police to let me go, by now my family would have being looking for money to bail me from detention. I am going to say it again I was never arrested and I did not steal any money, he threatened to deal with me I guess this is the why he is trying to tarnish my image.

8.Why have you decided to tell your own side of the story?
Initially I wanted to forget about everything that happened but when my uncle called me to say he read the story on you blog I had to tell my own side of what happened, it's my name and integrity that is at stake here.

9. What do you have to say to people reading this and spreading the fake story?
Please I did not steal any money, I am innocent, right now I am scared because he knows Dubai more than me only God know what will happen when I travel but I know God is with me and I want to tell young girls out there do not carry anything for anybody you may not know their intention.

Thanks for talking to us Maryam
It’s my pleasure 

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