Monday, 9 December 2013


One of Nigeria's finest dancehall/ reggae act Rymzo recently granted us an interview where he talked about his life and music, for those of us who don’t know who Rymzo is, he is one of Nigeria's top reggae artists and a music producer who has produced many radio commercials and media station ID's. His debut album  was released in 2005 titled "Take Mediocre Off The Stage"  with hit single "Rock n Roll", his second and last album "Mysterious" followed  in 2006. Rymzo is about to release his third and newest album before the end of December 2013  titled "I am no Santa Claus" read interview below

1. Who is Rymzo, can Tell us about you?
 I'm born Churchill Sosa Gusto a k a The Roaring Lion, I'm a Lagos based Nigerian reggae/dancehall artiste...though I prefer not to rep any of the Nigerian tribes cos of my mission, I have family roots from the Niger delta region of Nigeria, Bayelsa n Edo to b specific and I've got two other names that are not on my records Osahon(bini) and Pere(ezon) , I'm Rastafari

2. How did you come about the name Rymzo and what does it mean?
 The name Rymzo is just a word I created to represent the me in the public's eye, and it was coined out of my previous rap music name "Koolrhymes" and most of my mates used to call me koolrhymezo, then as I got stronger and more determined to pursue a career in music, I needed a name that will stand strong,mature and serious and easy to call, so I came up with Rymzo..but I see loads of rymzos online now n I wonder how they came about theirs cos the word never existed before me. More after the cut

3. When and how did you find yourself in music?
I  first got hooked as a kid watching my mom who was a choir conductor, that got me closer to entertainment before I over heard Go deh Natty..a song done by the jamaican U'roy, from that point I was addicted to music, then heard more and others, but I was so in love with the style of Uroy, Iroy, delinger cb 200, that I wanted to do it too, that's how I started practicing to sing as a kid, then in my teens I stumbled on hiphop and got caught by it with the likes of LL cool J, KooL Moe dee, big daddy kane, raiders of the new school, digable planet, naughty by nature etc and that's when I started rapping my own lyrics after practicing and mastering songs from these acts, then hiphop gave me a name and face as a student...I became koolrhymes and that's how my journey to being an artiste started 

4. How would you describe your kind of music?
My music is straight and real authentic reggae and dancehall

5. Did you always know that you would go into music professionally?
 Not really, though I knew I was gonna be a musician for life but not that it will be my main career, but as time went on I got into playing instruments and producing other people, then music took all my time so it won over every other ambitions I first dream ambition was actually to become a soldier especially a US

6. Who are your musical inspirations?
 The likes of Uroy, iroy, big youth, bob marley, peter tosh, Fela kuti, Jimi hendrix, Jacob miller, Joe higgs, mighty diamonds, desmond decker n the aces, Nat king cole, black uhuru,shabba ranks, tiger, cocoa tea, yellowman, ninjaman, cutty ranks, sanchez, maxi priest, mad cobra, capleton, bounty killer, nitty gritty, half pint, Garnet silk etc

7. You have being silent lately what have you being up to?
 Had some serious issues that started from my first record company I partnered with, all the scandals and the use of the press to create a devil of me, that made me wanna quit cos I hate scandals and noise, then I came back, just as I was topping all the charts again I got shot by some assailants and was left for dead but I survived, then came back strong again with my new video and a year later another attack by folks I did the track with, all these pressured me into cooling off until I'm sure I have no dealings with no one that will bring me off my safety and tranquillity again....I'm this conscious dude that has been made to look like an arrogant lil devil by my wrong association in previous setups...But Jah is greater and has inspired me to start all over again 

8. Tell us about your new single and when should we be expecting it?
 My new single "Scatter the party" is one of the very few party tracks from out of my new upcoming album I tried it out online months back and the response was so so awesome but as I speak to you today the video for the song will be finalized and rendered and soon you will see it online and tv...its a dancehall song I had to run on our Nigerian afrobeat rhythm which currently controls the music scene here, but when you listen to it, it never lost that full reggae elements Rymzo represents...great reviews have come from both local n international on air personalities and I'm glad I didn't fail them

9. Any collaborations on you new album?
Yes I've a very scanty collabs since music is a mission to me, I will only work with like minds...I've got 2face(Nigeria), Villa Dutch(jamaica) and there's the probability of more local and international acts more to be in 

10. Who would you most like to perform with internationally and locally?
 I did a song with 2face and we performed it together once and it was "out n bad"....I look forward to that again sometime soon, most of the international I dreamed to perform with I've already achieved except Shabba ranks

11. Where do you see the Nigerian music industry in 5 years time?
 Nigerian music industry started from nothing n in the last 5 years its been up up up n up, so I see it still head up up in the next 5 years and I pray it becomes really orderly so artistes can really get all that's due them for their efforts and contributions

12. How do you relax?
I love to read, then meditate in my quiet Lion's Den(my crib) but I also enjoy chilling by the seaside n just enjoy all that nature throws before me, especially with my fresh palm wine keg that's not mixed with some chemicals 

13. Advise to upcoming artistes who are struggling to get to the Top?
They should just work work and work, believing the almighty will do his part to bless their efforts...never give up, if one road block, there r 7 others open, spot them n change your route

14. Finally any message for your fans?

a) I just so love my fans n followers cos they've proven to me many times that I'm not alone in my world Jah bless them all for standing with Rymzo always, and I pray their dreams b realized as they help to make mine come through....Jah guide n protect ya'll


  1. YesSs Boss Rymzo march it on till Jah say hol it always wit u sir. sylvaDee