Thursday, 7 March 2013


I saw this on a blog I visited recently and thought I should share, read and thank me later

I walked into the kitchen and I noticed her leaning against the wall. She stood under the spotlight of my gaze, a beautiful apparition. I touched her, she was real. I felt a yearning so strong for her. It came like a resounding cry, from the depth of my insides. I wanted her so badly; I wanted every bit of her. I knew I was being greedy, but I just couldn’t help it. I grabbed her fiercely and then lay her gently on the work surface. She didn’t put up a fight. I knew she wanted me too. I ran my fingers across her well-toned body. She had all the right curves, the perfect tone. She was firm and that aroused my desire further. She whispered gently in my ear; her voice was so soft that it made me cry. She wanted me to take her. Slowly, I took off her clothes, to reveal such beautiful, flawless skin. She was beautiful through and through; an absolutely magnificent view. I gently stoked her body; her muscles tensed up with each stroke of my fingers.

She held on to me, but then she let go, surrendering to my control. She submitted herself entirely to me. She was strong, but gentle. She didn’t freak out and cause a racket like the other women. She was almost saintly and she would have been completely saintly if not that we were doing a very naughty thing. She wasn’t mine to take, but I took her all the same and she didn’t even put up a struggle in the smallest sense of it. Her reason for this baffled me, but based on her response to my touch, one thing was clear; she had never had anyone like me. It was time. I armed myself, strapping on my equipment, I was prepared to take her to heights unreal. She fell to pieces as she came in contact with it. It was a glorious sight! I slowly eased her into a world of ecstasy which she had never known. She moaned softly, each moan building momentum as she delved deeper and deeper into my world. She felt my pain, my joy, my desire, my anguish, my dilemma. Suddenly, she let out and outburst. She screamed violently in response. She had reached the peak. I did not stop. There was such great heat between us. Surely, neither of us had felt that way before. Slowly, the resolution and just as she had climbed to climax, slowly, she came down. She floated lazily in her clouds of satisfaction. I looked her in the eyes; she was grateful.

I pulled her up, out of the pain which seemed surreal to her. She was sweating. I let her cool off and then I looked at her. Softly, I said to her, “you are by far the sexiest finger of plantain I have ever fried”. I turned off the fryer and proceeded to wash the frying basket and knife while she cooled off completely on my plate, songs of “Dodo” ringing in my head.


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