Thursday, 7 March 2013


I was born and brought up in a God fearing Christian family that believes in moral and religious discipline. I grew up so disciplined that I never had a boyfriend until I entered the University of Port-harcourt  in 2006.
All my friends knew me as a good girl who takes no nonsense from anyone especially the guys. Due to this, guys hardly approach me even though I am a very beautiful girl with everything guys desire in a woman- from curves to feminine gifts.

After my first year at UNIPORT, I decided it’s time to loosen up and enjoy myself a bit. Some of my friends would say: Anne, na you holy pass, come girl flex o! I ignorantly danced to their tune by accepting to go out with James, a guy working with SAIPEM Contracting Nigeria, an oil servicing company in PH.

James is charming. In fact he is every young girl’s dream guy, including most of my friends', who keep telling me that I am lucky to have found a guy like James- tall, dark skinned, macho and most importantly he got cash.

As a good girl I am, I decided not to accept any other guy in my life irrespective of the uncountable number of guys pestering me to be their girlfriend, and I also thought James was faithful to me like I was to him, but that was my first sin.

We dated for a year and three months before I finally succumbed to sleep with him, and before I did, I told him openly that I hate condoms because I am afraid it may have a negative reaction on my system, so I suggested that we must go for a HIV screening, and to my greatest surprise, James agreed. So we went to one reputable hospital at Iwofe road, and both of us tested negative. This result made me fall more in love with James, and was ready to give him all of myself as he wished.

After the first intercourse, it was as if I got initiated into a new cult, every now and then, I was thirsty to have James, and before I knew it, it became incontrollable to the extent that when James travelled to Italy for a training, I couldn’t stand a day without having sex on phone with James. The phone sex further aggravated the whole issue, and before I knew it, I fell victim to this unknown guy I met at a club.

You may be wondering what took me to a night club if I claim to be a good girl? Actually, I was lured into going to club by friends who told me it was just to go dance and catch fun, that’s all. This guy seemed to be into hip hop music, and he was smoking hot, so it was easy for him to win my admiration at a glance. Unfortunately, I fell prey to his words and he drove me to his exquisite apartment in a luxury car I hardly knew, but the car was superb. I wanted him to sleep with me for sure, but I didn’t want to tell him directly because I knew that was exactly what he wanted to do too, so I just flowed with him.

Just when he was about to enter me, I noticed he had no condom, so I insisted he gets one, and he rallied around and got one pack and then opened it to tear one. I made sure he wore it before going inside me, but that was not enough, and this is where I want all females reading this piece to pay attention.

He entered me, and as usual, started the whole thing, and believe me, the guy was so hot to the extent that I lost control of myself till the moment I felt some unusual sensation like a fluid gushing inside me, then he withdrew, and guess what? This guy removed the condom in the process of thrusting in me, which meant he had sex with me without condom. I cried bitterly and wore my clothes so fast and left his apartment, then boarded a taxi to my hostel. My night was filled with nightmares.

It was as if James knew that I had betrayed him, so when he returned and it was time for us to have sex as lovers, he insisted that we go back and screen ourselves again of HIV, and to my greatest shock, I was found positive.

To all girls out there, HIV is real, there’s nothing like protection, in fact it is the guys that can decide whether to use condom or not, so I would advice any girl to abstain from sex if you want to stay away from HIV.

I am still praying and hoping for my miracle healing, and I know it will come. Thank you, please share my story. God bless you.

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