Monday, 17 September 2012


waiting for my jellof rice Lol
Okay I got a few of mails saying I should review the IAMA(Irish Africa Musical Award). I have not written anything about the awards or my past weekend not because I don’t have anything to say or according to some people the organiser of the event is a friend of mine Lol people who know me know that if I have anything to say I say it, and say it the way I mean it.

The truth is that I have been busy taken care of the home front and my babies, yes I am a proud mama of three for those of you who do not know (now you know).  Like every working mum out there we know it’s not easy balancing being a mom and work, I thought I had everything under control until I started this blog thingy, it’s not easy but I am beginning to get a grip of it, I call it my moment of disconnect I can’t explain the phrase now I guess I have to leave it for another day.
My past weekend was not so eventful, it started with church (choir practice). I got a VIP ticket Pass for the IAMA so I was obliged to go because it wouldn’t be fair if I don’t show up. 
me and my girls Lilian and Rose of to the awards 
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The event started by 6pm and I got there at about 5 mins to the end of the event (10pm)  not because I was trying to be a diva, even though I wouldn't mind being one for a day (Mariah Carey and Jlo come to mind) but I had to put God first.  Left church at about 8.30pm to Old town which is quite a distance only to discover I had forgotten my VIP pass at home can you imagine how I felt? I had two options drive home to get the VIP pass or pay 50euros at the gate for a new one.  Instantly members of  my thinking faculty (in my head) went straight to work and after much deliberation we settled that that Primmy (me) should drive home to get the pass and drive back to Old Town by the time I finish all these waka time don go. 
Like I said I got to the event 5mins to the end of the award so I really don't have much to say, all the same I had mad fun, loved the venue, loved the energy there was a good mixture of Old and young people I felt so comfortable and not out of place, very nice I also met old friends, did some networking, asked question about the event like did Awilo perform who and who won awards I got all the information I wanted but the two that made me frown was that the Acts from UK did not perform and hearing that the organisers changed the name of the awards from Irish Africa Music Awards to Irish Music Awards are you kidding me who does that? I know it’s not my business but I honestly thought that the essence of the award is to celebrate  African entertainers doing extremely well in Ireland, then why remove the Africa? I would like to talk to the organiser about this issue because I still don’t understand the reason behind the change,  Yinka over to you.
 From there we headed to a club for the after party or should I say after clubbing, I thought I was going to have fun there but all I kept thinking was  how did I get here, I also noticed that the Awardees weren’t celebrated no popping of champagne, I didn’t see anybody giving them drinks on the house, hmmm so what the hell were we celebrating at the after party? (Boredom).  The only thing I enjoyed at the party club was watching my friend Esse Agese dancing damn that babe sure knows how to have a good time, left the club early to my friend Lillian’s house where she made a very tasteful emergency jellof rice and Titus fish (mackerel) compared to where we were coming from it was sure bliss 
camera is crap ha ha ha
Me, Esse and a friend


  1. Yinka Bold has sold his birth right! PRIMMY LEAVE STORY, SOMETHING MUST HAVE EXCHANGED HANDS MY DEAR and the mumu artirtes, we have will not fight for their right! you better leave Yinka to continue using the artistes to gain recognition amongst the Irish pple!

  2. i just love u primrose you are so down to earth waiting for jellof rice and titus fish classic

  3. True talk! Why on earth would you change the name from Irish African Music Award to Irish Music Award? Waoh
    Lol do you have to tell them about the jellof rice and titus fish too? Primmy nothing pass you by!!

  4. a lot of Nigerians are as lickers when it come to white people I am not surprise it shows he has low self esteem