Friday, 14 September 2012


 A female robber who lead a team of armed robbers in a car to rob a female passenger identified as obiageli was apprehended yesterday in Abuja.  Sympathizers watched from a distance as she and her gang carried out their operation before swooping on them.
The lady was apprehended out of the five of them as members of her gang escaped. Inside the ash coloured Nissan Sunny which they used to carry out there operations were loads of ATM cards, Passports of various persons and her bag contained many phone according to eyewitness. 
The incident was said to have happened at the Area 11 Traffic light where they were held by traffic as they tried to escape.   

And of course in typical Naija style she was stripped NAKED , this is now a trend in our beloved country before anybody attacks me,I am not saying what she did is right but stripping her naked  is wrong, what happened to 'hand her over to the police'? this madness has to stop people.


  1. Hand her over to the Police for what to happen? When was the last time the Nigerian Police handed over a robbery suspect to the courts to be prosecuted? Handing her over to the Police means she'll be free in a few days because all the Police'll do is to collect a bribe and let her go. Anyway, I reckon she got off lightly...if she'd been caught down South (Warri), she'd've been burnt alive. Besides, I fail to see why a thief should be upset by having his/her nakedness shown to the world...if you decide to live like an animal by terrorising others you should be prepared to be treated like an animal when you get caught.

  2. She got wot she bargained 4 ,may be dis wil cutail her 4 d future!

  3. Good for her because if she and her gang get you at a dark alley the will not spare you I am even angry they didn't pour petrol on her bloody criminal