Thursday, 13 September 2012


In an incident that is probably the mother of all cruelties, a Bulawayo man from Barbourfields suburb reportedly filmed himself while raping his 17 year old daughter.

The wannabe porn actor (name withheld to protect the identity of the girl) allegedly filmed the heinous act on Thursday last week. It is reported that the man has been forcing himself on his daughter since early this year but decided to change 'route' and temporarily turn his house into Hugh Hefner's famous playboy mansion. Since then, the girl has sought refuge at a friend's home.

A source said after the alleged incident, the girl told a friend about her ordeal which led to the issue being reported to the police.

"She opened up to a friend who in turn took up the matter with her grandparents. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, it was referred to the police. The girl's father was picked up by police and from my understanding he was released on condition of ill health but he should be wallowing in prison. Why should the law show him mercy when he such a thing?"
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However, the police said they will leave no stone unturned in investigating the matter. The girl, however, was reluctant to talk about the issue. She said she had been turned into a subject of ridicule in the suburb as people were blaming her for her ordeal.

"Everyone is making fun out of me. When I walk outside people follow me. Some would be saying obscene things as if I am responsible for what my father did to me. Anyway I do not blame them because my father is so manipulative to the extent that he was telling people that I had framed him," she said before sobbing uncontrollably.

After persuasion, the girl opened up and said it was not the first time that her father had abused her.

"He has been doing it for a while but on Thursday he forcibly took off my clothes and forced himself on me while taking a video and pictures with his phone," she said.

The teenager failed to say anything afterwards and her friend's grandmother took up the narration.

"It is just cruelty. Surely where has such a thing ever happened. We started staying with her and her sister last year after realising that their father was not acting responsible since she had dropped out of school. She however, went back to him early this year after he requested her to come back and that is when it all started," said the granny.

The woman said after learning of the development, she advised the girl to report the matter to police.

"We could not have let it go so after talking to my husband we decided to advise her to make a report to police. Her father's phone was also taken by police," she said.

Acting Bulawayo police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Bekimpilo Ndlovu confirmed the case and said it had been referred to the courts.

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