Monday, 21 December 2015


As I get older in life I begin to realise that there are some things I used to do, used to like that I really dislike eg parties (it takes me about one week to prepare myself physiologically, think of what to wear, and how to go about applying my makeup) going out.  I am a typical Sagittarius, we are seen as the extrovert, but honestly I am a big time introvert I can stay in my house for one month and not look out of the window, I hate driving and people talking to my when I am driving the list goes on. 

I can't believe it took me a whole 45yrs of my existence on earth to say damn Christmas is overrated biko and my list favourite holiday. Its just a period of stress stress stress spend spend spend,all for one day, all I do during Christmas is drive around town from one shop to another (Not for myself but for the house and kids) cook cook cook and my kids now go we want FRIED-RICE, JOLLOF RICE, PEPPER SOUP N YAM, CAKE, TURKEY(The most annoying one  tasteless Turkey) MOI - MOI, and to worsen the whole thing they just added OFADA STEW and in my head I am like seriously guys this is the same thing you eat all the time helloooo we are Nigerians our dish is the same from Jan- Dec, age to age week after week it never changes and all these stress for one freaking day (somebody help me shake the world) and  by the time its midday I am exhausted and wondering what is all the fuss is about? 
If not for my kids whom I love to death make I no lie I for bone Christmas because ike adi rum chacha and at the end of the day I am not having any fun, all I want to do is just put on my PJs and hit the bed my room door close with my audio bible on until 26th 
Happy Christmas/Holidays and New year in advance


  1. Same here I have had d most stressful week

  2. Merry Christmas... To all PRIMMY'S CORNER Lover's

  3. Merry Christmas... To all PRIMMY'S CORNER Lover's