Thursday, 10 December 2015


A 20-year-old Madlambuzi woman allegedly lost her virginity when her sister’s boyfriend raped her several times, in a incident that lasted 12 hours. Smile Moyo, 26, from the same area allegedly force-marched the woman four kilometres to his home. A court heard he threatened her with an iron bar to instil fear.Moyo allegedly went on to rape the woman from about 9PM till 9AM on the following day, without protection, and later demanded that she buys him opaque beer.

He appeared before regional magistrate Sibongile Msipa-Marondedze yesterday facing rape charges and pleaded not guilty. The woman told the court Moyo found her watching a movie at around 8PM and inquired about her sister’s whereabouts.

“I told him that my sister wasn’t at home and he forced the door open. He ordered me to accompany him to his homestead,” said the woman. She said she refused and Moyo assaulted her and dragged her to his homestead. She told the court she could not scream as Moyo was throttling her.

“We got into his room and he forced me to strip threatening to assault me with the iron bar. He said he was happy that finally he was going to have sex with me as I had always been a hard nut to crack,” narrated the woman.

She said Moyo raped her the first time and told her he wanted to do a pornographic style with her, wanted to do her like a p*rn star. “Afterwards he left saying he wanted to find a knife to open my small h***.”

According to the woman, Moyo failed to get the knife and came back to force himself on her many times the whole night. “He raped me the whole night and I only got to breathe when I asked to relieve myself. He would release me only to hold my hand and take me outside while I was still naked and continue raping me,” she said.

Moyo disputed the woman’s version of events. He claimed the two were in love saying that was why the woman did not scream for help or attempt to flee. “I know that rape victims scream during the act but she didn’t scream or attempt to escape as we had consensual intercourse.

“She didn’t refuse to accompany me to my house and didn’t show any signs that she was disagreeing with everything we did,” said Moyo in his defence. Magistrate Msipa-Marondedze remanded Moyo out of custody to today for judgment.

Prosecuting Paida Zengeni alleges that on October 18, Moyo went to the woman’s homestead and knocked on the door. “Moyo ordered the complainant to accompany him to his homestead. He held her by the neck and threatened to kill her if she made any noise or resisted.

“The accused person assaulted the complainant once on the back with a mopane stick when she refused to enter his house,” said Zengeni. The prosecutor said the woman managed to flee on the following morning after the 12-hour rape ordeal. She reported the matter to her aunt, who then notified the police.

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