Saturday, 26 December 2015


I am not a fan of Toke Makinwa but to be honest, she doesn't deserve all d insult meted out on her for this video mostly from Nigerian guys. As far as I am concerned Toke has not said anything bad in fact she made so really really valid points that you are domesticated and can do household chores doesn't mean you should go and slave for a man that is not your husband.
Going to a guy's house everyday to cook, clean, scrub and service him at night is not a guarantee that he will marry you I have seen a case  where a girl slaved for a man n his mum and at then end of the day they guy married someone else some women do these things at the beginning and the moment the guy marries them they stop doing they same chores that got them then ring. Love has no condition men know their wives from the moment they set eyes on them chore or no chores. I have a friend who can't cook to save their lives or even pick up a broom, but they are married why because the guys loved them for who they are.

I am not saying don't cook for your boyfriend if the need arises or clean up if the house needs cleaning up once in a while all I am saying is don't make it a by fire by thunder he must marry me thing make I had I known no come be the end of your story. It is not the criteria for being in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship at the end if the day ladies/guys just pray to God for the right partner period.
Ladies play smart apply wisdom if you are a girlfriend and not a wife, Just be you never pretend or try to be who you are not just to hook a guy if he is the one he will love you unconditionally and with out attachments or condition. 

In other news ladies go and learn how to cook its very important ooo its the one of the many ways to a man's heart *winks*

Well done Toke as for the aspects I don't agree with we go discuss am another day.

 Merry Christmas y' all

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