Thursday, 26 February 2015


Couple of weeks ago it was announced Obi Asika has been made the Special Assistant to the President on Social Media, Mr Obi has finally confirmed this while speaking to NAN in Lagos. He also says the social media is about to turn around for good,  Hear him;

“With the creation of my office, which is a new office in government, and as we begin to set up, then if we have the opportunity, then of course we are going to setup Social Media guidelines for the Federal Government.

“For policy, for engagement, for education, because the first thing that has to happen is internal training to use the tools to do external engagements.

“You don’t win over people by forcing them to do anything, but you do have to let them know when they don’t understand.

“I have been working for Nigeria all my life without being paid for it and I have just taken a reduction in pay to go into the government because certainly, they can’t pay me what I make in the private sector.

“It’s a sacrifice, but it’s an honour and it’s a privilege and I’m privileged and I am happy to represent my country and my people.

“And to represent this sector at this level for the first time in this country in any African country. I have to commend the president, I wasn’t lobbying for anything, I wasn’t looking for anything.

“Nigeria is bigger than any individual; Nigeria is so important for the black race; It’s so important for Africa; we have to get it right and I think we can and the first thing we can do is to protect the brand Nigeria online, to promote it online.”

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