Saturday, 21 June 2014


We Meet 30 year old Stockton California native Jeremy Meeks (pictured above) who was arrested on June 18th for illegal possession of firearms, carrying a loaded firearm in public & criminal street gang activity. The moment  his mugshot was posted on the Stockton Police Department's Facebook page, it  blew up the page, not because of his crime , but because of his extremely good looks, with many calling him the hottest criminal since Robin hood. He was arrested alongside four others that nobody seems to remember or cares about,  Women have being going crazy  on twitter and Facebook  over his photo.

Make I know lie I click the like button, And I have going back and forth asking myself why a model like greek god would be involved  in crimes check out those eyes there just something about them

Jeremy's pic got over 65, 000 likes and almost 20,000 comments...

'Hit me up when u get out daddy, I got a list of naughty things I wanna do to you,' one donor wrote.

'What is he guilty of?! First Degree Sexiness?!' wrote fan Ashley Pruitt Carden, 

Rhonda Cee, quipped: 'He'll probably be on next years prison calendar...Mr....EVERY MONTH!'

'He didn't know any different. I could turn him into a "model" citizen. Where can I pay his bail?' wrote Deborah Ann Mitchell.

with one person writing "Dear Jeremy, you can rob my house anytime you want. Just make sure you come alone ;)". 

Another one wrote "He can add another teardrop to his face after he murders this ***sy". Lol

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