Friday, 20 June 2014


Sitting here in my living room reflecting on life I realized that dreams without goals are just dreams, some of us are still in that baby stage where we dream, sit and expect things to just happen, I always liken such thinking or beliefs to outright laziness Its like saying I have faith that I will get a job with out going out to look for a job, you have go out to places drop your CV  and pray for God's mercy and favour to speak for you after all the bible say faith without works is dead.

You need goals to bring your dreams into reality, take charge, take action set goals for yourselves, these goals must be specific  must always be on your mind. Make sure you do something every day that pushes you toward your dreams, it's not going to be easy, most of us may not have the cash to pursue our dreams but always remember that the journey of  a thousand miles begins with one step ( I hope I got it right I no go school ohh) so what am I saying Podstars? Start with whatever you have if you have N1, 000 or 5euros do something with it , if its enough for complimentary cards do it, it will uplift your spirit and make you want to do more towards actualizing your dreams.
I took a major step yesterday by going to the studio to record my promo video for my online TV talk show after much beat downs, negativity, you are not eloquent enough bla bla and one million disappointments, but guess what I took that first step and I am believing God for the money and strength to see it through, I am PROUD of me and yes I have a dream  and it must come to reality

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