Saturday, 14 June 2014


Singer Muma Gee granted an interview to Punch fashion and style reporter  recently and the singer told the reporter she spends N500,000 on her hair every time she goes to the saloon  and she takes it off after about 3weeks read part of the her interview below

Your hair is always full; you must have invested so much in it?
I agree. I invest a lot in my hair. A lot of cash, energy and time go into my hair. It takes like eight hours to get my hair done. Basically, it is a special and patient person that can do my hair. Not everybody has the patience or can be meticulous enough to do my hair.

On the average, how much goes into your hair?
The hair piece alone costs a lot of money, especially in these days of human hair. I normally use 11 packs of human hair and each piece is not less than N60, 000. At the end of the day, I end up spending about N500, 000 to do my hair at once.

Do you have to wear such a hair-do because you are an artiste?
It is my style. I like to have that kind of personality. I just want a particular kind of look. At times, my hair might look scanty but a lot would have gone into it.

How long does each hairdo last?
It usually lasts three weeks to one month or even less. If I have to do a photo shoot or something that would require my wearing a different look, then I make another hair.

You make hair for N500, 000 and loosen it after one month?
Don’t get me wrong. It is actually the hair pieces that can go for that amount and those hair pieces can last for years. I have had hair extensions that have lasted for over 10 years. Each time I remove the weaves, I take it to hair companies and they treat the hair and they are as good as new.

Have you or will you ever wear low cut hair?
I have never worn low cut, even as a child. A woman’s hair is her grace and glory. Even though I am an artiste, I am a born-again Christian and my Bible tells me a woman’s hair is very precious. I have never cut my hair. Even now my hair is as long as 20 inches and it is very black. But I don’t carry my natural hair at all

Can somebody please remind us how many albums she has sold  and sell out concert she has down Naija celebrities and their big talk #thinkingaloud

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