Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Bobby Michael first came into limelight in 1998 in the Zik Zulu Production ‘Face of A Liar’. The Suave, good looking and talented actor singer who is the CEO of The Pearl & Paris Company Ltd Africa granted us an exclusive interview where he talked about his career and future plans, read interview below

1. Tell us about yourself?

My name is bobby michaels. I am the last child in a family of four I am an actor, singer, songwriter and film maker.

2. When did you first start acting and what inspired u into acting?

I started acting way back in 1998. I was a little over my teenage years back then. My first movie was d Zik Zulu Okafor produced “Time bomb”. I got inspired to act through my mum, who is an actress in her own rights. Watching great actors like Denzel Washington, Olu Jacobs, Sean Penn, Eddie murphy and a host of other Hollywood and Nollywood greats, helped inspire me to who I am today.

3. Did your family do to encourage you?

I was really encouraged by my sisters, brother and most especially my mum n dad. 

4. I remember you used to sing back in the days what happened did you give up you singing career for acting?

No I did not give up my singing for see singing is inborn and acting is the career I continue to sing at every opportunity I get to sing till date,I have collaborated with so many different artiste on their various in Nigeria and across African new Cd album broken free,will be released in Nigeria and South Africa next year

5. Tell us about your new movie “Lagos Cougars”

Lagos cougars is without a doubt the biggest movie of the year 2013 it is well scripted and put together by the royal arts academy people led by Emem Isong. The actors were very good on set I must commend them. It was fun making d cougar movie.

6. Can you tell us some of the actors and actresses in the movie?

We had the likes of Monalisa Chinda, my humble self, Uche Jombo, and new comer Alex Ekubo and a host of other new actors who did their thing to the best of their professional knowledge.

7. Where do you see the Nigeria movie industry in the next five years?

 I see Nollywood doing great things in the next five years. I see us becoming a formidable alley to the west in terms of entertainment. 

8. What notable challenges have you had to tackle as an actor?

I had lots of challenges in the industry since I started. There have been issues of bad blood among actors, undue hatred for brilliant actors and their abilities.
There are people who just don't like you without even knowing you. Those things affected me at some point, but you know when a person has an exceptional talent you really cannot kill that persons dream. 

9. What qualities do you like in people, and which traits put you off when dealing with people?

I love straight forward people. People whose yes is their yes and their no is no. I hate people whose words cannot be held binding. That totally puts me off.

10. Could you tell us a bit about your normal daily routine and how do you de-stress after a rather busy day or week?

My daily routine is the gym. I start off with the gym, get breakfast and do my meetings. I run and jog quite a bit too. I go tothe cinema quite a lot that actually does help relax me quite beautifully. I watch football and I take long walks when I can.

11. Any message for your fans?

My message to my fans is that they should put God first in all they do and work real hard at actualising their life goals. Perseverance is key as the huge city of Rome was not built in one day. 

Thanks a lot am Bobby Michaels


  1. Nice one! Looking out for the Lagos cougars

  2. Way to go Bobby!! The sky is definitely your limit, mighty proud of you!!