Wednesday, 20 November 2013


 Popular Tanzania  Singer  Diamond is currently in relationship with a radio presenter, Penny, who he is related to by blood.

The two have maintained a relationship despite claims that Diamond would get back with his ex Wema Sepetu. Diamond’s grandmother and Penny’s grandmother happen to share the same mother, complicated as it sounds but technically according to the Tanzanians, these people are related and bound by blood like a brother and a sister.

When contacted, Diamond who is in Nigeria currently recording a song with Davido, admitted the claims that he is related to his current girlfriend Penny, “yes we are related but I didn’t know about this until recently” he admitted to Amani, an influential Tanzania blogger.

Penny, on the other side says the relationship has gotten even more strong.  “Yes we are related and that has strengthened my love towards Diamond, I’m so much in love such that nothing is separating us. In fact we are more tight now, what has happened has happened nothing can be done about it rather than accepting and moving on, he is the best lover in the world,” shrugged Penny, Diamond’s girlfriend.

The shocking revelation was exposed to the public by a family member who were disgusted at the fact that the two are continuing to have a relationship and worse intercourse despite the fact they are related. Diamond failed to comment on whether he’ll abandon the relationship or not, the girlfriend on the other end says this is not dying anytime soon.

Source - Oodera

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