Monday, 4 November 2013


A 34-year-old driver, Oyewale Ojo, has been arrested by the Oyo State Police Command for having carnal knowledge of a two-year-old daughter of his colleague and neighbour.

The man, who lives at Ojoo area of Ibadan, was caught hiding behind the door in the room of Mr and Mrs Toki, parents of the girl, with the baby (name withheld) spread on the bed and her private part smeared with semen.

The suspect is currently undergoing interrogation at that State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Iyaganku, Ibadan, where he was transferred to from Ojoo police station in which the case was initially reported.

According to the mother of the baby, Madam Ajarat Toki, a herbal concoction seller at Iwo Road motor park at Ojoo, the little girl was with her father at home on Monday, October 21, while she was doing her business within the park. “I had to take her home that day because of an impending rain. My husband later came back to say the girl was asleep at home, and that he had asked a neighbour to keep an eye on her while he went to buy the girl something to eat.

“The suspect even came to me at the motor park and was there when my husband was telling me about our daughter. On getting home, I entered through the back door and as I opened the door of our room, I met my girl with her thighs open on the bed, staring at something behind the door. On checking what might have attracted her so much, I was shocked to find Ojo cowering behind the door.

“When I asked him what he was doing in our room, he said he wanted to give me a video disc I asked for earlier. My daughter started vomiting and when I went to look at her, I saw that he had ejaculated around her private part. It was my noise that woke our neighbours. When we got to the hospital to confirm her medical status, the report indicated that the little girl had indeed been defiled.”

The victim’s father, Tomiwa Toki,(41), a taxi driver told Crime Reports that he was mad at what happened because he cherished his daughter specially, as she is the only female among his children. “The man is not a friend of mine, though we operate at the same motor park at Ojoo, so I was wondering why he should enter my house. I immediately called the police and he was arrested,” the distraught father said.

Crime Reports learnt that the suspect also attempted to escape with handcuffs at Ojoo Division and that it took some efforts by the police and some members of the public to arrest him as he ran with all his might. He was immediately transferred to State CID, Iyaganku.

In an interview with Crime Reports, Ojo, who said he was married to two wives and has four children, was incoherent when he was asked to confirm or deny the allegation against him. At first, he claimed to have gone to the Toki’s house to give the man a disc which she earlier asked for.

“When I got there, l met the girl crying and I carried her and put on the T.V for her so that she could watch it,” he said. Ojo later confessed to have defiled the girl and claimed that he did not know what led him to it. He later blamed it on devil, saying “I don’t even understand how it happened.”

When asked whether he was under the influence of drug, or marijuana, Ojo replied in the negative, saying that he only smoked jedi (weed which is believed to cure pile and is usually wrapped and smoked like a cigarette).

Reacting to the incident, The Acting Police Public Relations Officer in Oyo State, Assistant Superintendent of Police Ignatius Inyang expressed dismay at the rate at which defilement and rape cases keep increasing within the society, adding that the suspect would be charged to court after the completion of investigations.

Culled from Nigerian Tribune

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