Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Umu ala beke ge gbu kwa nmadu, went grocery shopping with my daughter Azania the other day whilst at the till we realized we forgot to buy salad cream we had to walk back to get one, after searching for some time we couldn’t find it so I stopped one of the staff to ask her where we could find salad cream, in my typical niaja accent I was like;

Me: where can I find salad cream please?

Staff: what?

Me: salad cream

Staff: what? 

Me: salad cream this went on for like sometime and my daughter was like mum let me handle this 

Azania: we are looking for Saled cream

Staff : ooh over there, oky I’ll take you there

Hmmmmm Saleeeed kwa?  chie Primmy sorry, all my life I thought salad  was spelt SALAD and pronounced SALAD until that day at Tesco.

So I asked my mini me what she said to the lady that I did not say and she was like I told her we were looking for salad cream unlike you I pronounced it the right way while you pronounced it the typical naija way ha ha ha ha ha ha mummy you always say Nigerians pronounce the way they spell and you just proved it ha ha ha ha ha 

Oooh well I give up English is not my language biko, but her our prayer is for our kids to be better and greater than us, I rest my case


  1. HahaahaaaaAa !!! Sorry my friend,good we are all taking corrections from u. *wink* SALA(E)D